Thursday, November 30

Well i only managed to complete task number 1 on my to-do-list and merely that took me about 9 hours?! Yea from early noon to evening lor. You can imagine how pig-styed my room was. it's much neater now but I dont think it will stay this neat for long la. Ohya i still need to tidy my wardrobe. It's so messy that you might have taught someone had ransacked it.

Anyway I was tidying my study table just now so that I can have a nice place to put my laptop and guess what there was this cockroach at this corner on my table, covered by my pencil holder. Omg obviously I screamed. Stupid cockroach. I wonder how long it had been nesting there. Grr.

I cant listen to fm933 online as the laptop dont have realplayer. And the reception for fm883 is like lousy until nothing to say can. It's on off on off on off de LOR. How irritating.

I've to wake up at 630 tomorrow... meeting yy at city hall before taking the train to amk then finally a bus to Mandai Zoo. Grr why must the zoo be so far away from the city? And I wonder what's in store for us tomorrow lor. We were told to wear a white shirt with jeans or bermudas. Which white shirt should I wear? hmmm I dont really like white shirts. Makes me look fat. Ok wrong phrasing. Makes me look fatter ><

I may not be able to go for yoga this sunday leh. how sad. But I will be accompanying my maternal grandmother to Botanical Garden most probably. The plan's not confirmed yet. There's YVIP06 camp next week. Half excited, half scared. Going to an overnight camp with more than half of the campers whom I dont know. But at least all of us share a common passion, that is, volunteering =D

I must say that my life is currently in very good condition and constant progression. Yea filled with lotsa activities, allowing no boredom to overwhelm me. And of cos the activities are all different and that satisfies me. After all, for typical geminis like me, variety is the spice of life.

Hmm I better go and sleep now otherwise tomorrow become panda then all the animals in the zoo come and attack me. heee. ok la i know its lame but well i'm loving it (:

Age considers, Youth ventures!


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