Tuesday, November 28

Debating Session

Just had some sort of debating session aka quarrelling with my brother and yea guess who won? Of cos me la. Just my hokkien is enough to beat him >< So tired of nagging at him to let me use the computer for just a while before I go out. Grr. It's either he has some hearing problem, or he cant understand the language I was using or his brain has some selective processing and that it only processes the stuff that he chooses to hear. grr. I cant wait to get my laptop back from HP headquarters.

Better go and get ready to meet Shu Min and the rest for a gym session. whee. And the rain had stopped. I just hate it when it starts to rain just as I am about to get out of the house.

And again my mom discouraged me to go out in a tee and pe shorts. Cos it's too figure-revealing especially since I dont have a very nice figure. How insulting and demoralizing. Gonna WORK IT OUT at the gym.


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