Tuesday, November 28

Laptop's BACK!

Yea went to collect my laptop from HP Headquarters at Alexander Road just now with my parents. Finally. The laptop is like brand new and the best thing is the wireless internet can now work! Plus I can now type chinese and most importantly chat with my nanjing buddy cum godsister in chinese! whee but i need to install Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. And all my other files plus programs like Creative and my samsung hp program.

And the bad thing is that I have all my emoticons and favourite websites bookmarked in my brother's desktop. Grr plus some other files... like videos of the fireworks I took during the Singapore Fireworks Festival. My precious videos. Hope that they will be safe since the computer is currently suffering from some minor virus infection lol.

Yea I am as happy as a king now. Gonna use this laptop like crazy.

Went to Pasir Ris East CC just now with Qian Bing and Li Wen. Supposed to go and register for our dance class but apparently the guy just told us to leave our NRIC number and they will contact us again and that we dont have to make payment yet. Then when we were shopping at white sands the CC people called me and told us to make payment asap. what is that lor? We just left the place erhem. It's not anywhere near White Sands. We still have to take bus 358 there. I've already gotten the money ready. We can just pay like on the spot? Nah not going to pay them asap. Shall just pay them on the day itself ><

Went shopping. But I was on a spending fast. Yea I saw lotsa stuff that I am itching to get but I didnt. It was hard controlling myself but well I am glad to say that I did it (:

Some stuff which I saw and felt like getting but DIDNT:

1. An anklet with bells
2. A pooh hp pouch
3. pink ear studs
4. colourful hair clips
5. Short sticks candies

and many many other stuff which I would have bought as christmas presents for my family and friends.

It's pretty sad to shop while on a spending fast. Shall try to be more thrifty these days. Since I spent quite alot of money repairing and upgrading this laptop, going for SPH wildlife conservation programme, signing up for yoga etc. I still need to get new uniforms and jc textbooks (if there's any).

I need to save up for christmas presents too. Aw. Really hope that there will be some christmas parties cos i love them.

Supposed to go partyworld with huanglin and the rest tomorrow for a karaoking session cos we have free vouchers but apparently there's some conditions for it and it's too costly. How sad. Nothing is free in this world. yea how true.

I am almost done reading the romance novel titled 'I am your Cinderella'. It's so touching. The male protagonist in such fantasy romance always has some bu ke gao ren de mi mi. I am about to read the part where the secret will be revealed. Exciting (:

being happy is the essence of living (:


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