Sunday, November 26


Now on a lighter tone, I went for my nineth yoga lesson today and whoa lotsa power breathing. Was late for the class today but fortunately they started with the chanting which me and Qian Bing learnt before so no problem (;

Then we did lotsa stretching too. And I felt so refreshed after the lesson, jus a bit of heartache though. Cos I had to pay another $120 for another 8 lessons. Big hole in my wallet. I am quite broke now since I have to pay for hip hop lessons tomorrow... But I am too egotistical to ask for my weekly allowance. dammit.

Anyway I borrowed some books on yoga from the library last friday. So dont be surprised if I start quoting some information about yoga here =D Anyway yoga is really good. Go borrow some books on yoga or take up yoga lessons. whee find me if you're interested (:

For now I am going to quote something that Erika said during the class today.

'Life is not just about living, it's also about giving and RECEIVING.'

That's true. And sometimes when you dont receive, you're afraid to give. Or rather, sometimes you try to obsess yourself with giving so that you get numb and won't bother about receiving. I am one of the above two types. Which? For me to know and for you to guess lor.

Hmm some things that Erika said during the yoga class can be just so thought-provoking. And she praised Qian Bing and I today. Said that we've improved ^^ of cos, how can we not when there's such a good teacher like her.

There's telematch dry run tomorrow and I have not gone through the proposal yet. Sheesh. I will go through it later. ah procrastinating yet again. just once more this time =S

Sometimes I miss the past, sometimes I look forward to the future. But I rarely treasure the present. And the present will soon become a past. I should have treasured the present years back. I should have, I really should have. It's too late to regret. too late.


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