Monday, November 27


I suddenly feel like organizing some christmas party. I haven't organize such stuff for a longggg time and I used to take pleasure in organizing birthday parties for myself. It sounds so diao la. I mean there's no surprise at all lor. Of cos I would love to have people to throw surprise birthday party for me but my parents wont do it. My friends hmm. Not in primary school la. Too much limitations. So at that time I would always tell my mom that I want to have a party then they let me have a party at my house. I had birthday parties when I was 3, 10 and 12 if I am not wrong. oh anyway the one when I was 3 years old was organized by my parents. hehe.

But slowly and gradually as my thinking matures, I think it's no point organizing a birthday party for myself on my own special day. I should organize some parties for my friends and family on some common special occasions. Of cos I would love to organize surprise birthday parties for my friends and boyfriend in the future. wheee. I am also looking forward to my 21st birthday party, preferably at a chalet with a gigantic cake and lotsa friends and family and not forgetting the mountainous pile of presents cum surprises I will receive.

Yep but if I am going to organize a party, where can I hold it at? And who should I invite? It's too late to book some chalet at this peak season. Alright shall not be too ambitious. Forget about the christmas party. What about a christmas dinner at perhaps Cafe Cartel? With gift exchange? Sounds more simple and feasible. But another problem I will encounter if where do I get the revenue for my presents. I am broke remember? There will be a way la. At most I hand-make the presents lor =p

Hmmm maybe I can organize two christmas dinners. One for my friends, and one for my brother and his friends. I know majority of his friends so no problem. Yea feeling so excited now. I just love shopping for presents. And talking about that, I dont like to go on special shopping trips just to get presents. I like to walk about the shopping mall leisurely then suddenly when I see something that reminds me of somebody then I will get it as presents. Interesting yea? yea I'm loving it too.

Alright I just hope that the above wont be some empty talk and would really be put into actions. The most tricky and troublesome issue of all is to find a common date for everyone to make it la. grr. there'll be a way, definitely.

it's a blessing to give than to receive.


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