Sunday, November 5

Interesting day out

Yea I was out for the whole day and it's a must to say that it has been an interesting day.

The only bummer would be that I didnt attend today's yoga class and that I suffered from mood swings at the beginning of the day. yep. made a few new discoveries today.

1. I met my pri sch schmate at the shop that sells buddhist stuff at bugis there. He didnt recognize me, neither did i recognize him but my mom recognizes him. We didnt call him though. I was getting fed up with my mom bargaining with the shop lady about the price of the radio that plays buddhist chanting.

2. There's actually this shopping centre called Beauty World Plaza and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre in Singapore. I didnt know about that. My dad took us there just now. Beauty World Plaza is simply some ulu shopping malll with closed shops and stagnant escalators. Bukit Timah Shopping Centre is not any better la. Not much to shop.

3. Went to IMM after random walking around the two malls mentioned above. I witnessed an overflowing toilet bowl after I entered the cubicle. Dammit. The person who used it previously was so inconsiderate la. Clogged the whole toilet bowl with toilet papers and when I attempted to flush it, water just flooded the whole toilet bowl gosh. I was so shocked can. I went to look for the toilet cleaner IMMEDIATELY. Yay I got rescued. What a bad experience.

4. I bought 3 pairs of ear studs for 5 bucks. Wahaha Ok this is not exactly a discovery.

5. Giant sells DVD players at prices as cheap as $59.90. I am gonna get my dad to buy one... wahaha.

6. Went Long beach for dinner then they served this really yummy dessert. Vanilla ice cream on some red porridge thingy. There were alot of part time staff who look like students.

7. Last but not the least, I caught a glimpse of this advertisement outside 'Scoops' and it is looking for part time staff! wheeee.

Alright so basically I went exploring Singapore with my maternal grandparents, mom, dad and Mini auntie. Fun and really pampered day. waha I am the youngest among the 6 ppl (: I love the feeling of being pampered la =p

Will be going to school with Yuhan, Peixin and others to help with the science labs. After which I will be going to explore Vivocity with Yunyin and Yiling. waha shop, eat, movies. I made up my mind to go to IMM again this holidays cos I didnt get to shop to my heart's content just now.

And now I have to go and work on the powerpoint for my presentation on CSC during yr4 level camp on wednesday. And the smu ppl havent send me the photos taken at Mutts 'n' Mittens Animal Shelter leh. Actually I havent heard from them since friday =.-

believe in yourself`


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