Friday, July 21

Mathematics Seminar 2006

oh man my headache jus wont go away argh.

Went for Maths Seminar at NYGH jus now. Hm I didnt really enjoy it. The topic was interesting and prof koh is humorous but I was jus too tired to concentrate and too not-in-the-mood to take the initiative and make new friends. This is so not me but well this is what i have become now... after entering dhp perhaps =X

I shall not attend any other seminars except for those on service learning. I am not as much the thinker that I was in primary school. Sometimes I am just too lazy to think lor. Sad har?

Anyway I took bus 154 with Pei Yu to Singapore Post and took 155 back home. My zen neeon actually died on me just now. The last time I was listening to it was on the bus to NYGH. Shu Min and I listened to the latest songs which I've uploaded and slept. That time the battery already low so no surprise but one thing for sure. I NEED TO GET A TRAVEL ADAPTER FOR MY ZEN NEEON! Preferably before the GSS ends.

ah headache is not as bad now. What a tired day at school. Everyone's like so moody... but it wasnt too bad a day for me la. Except for the fact that I choked on the wholemeal bread that I was eating during recess. I have been eating wholemeal bread for breakfast and recess the past 5 days or so... And I was so glad to see that there's no more wholemeal bread on the kitchen table. wahaha. I prefer white bread to wholemeal but wholemeal's the healthier choice.

Exams are about 4 weeks away and week 5 and 6 are still packed with tests and assignments. I am so sick of my life cann. Gimme a break. Give us all dhppers a break laa.

There's Pillar Of Hope flag day at Hougang tomorrow. Will only be helping out in the morning till Sun Lu comes. Please come and support us. You can make a difference in the community and also brighten up our day (:

I will be going to shop with my mom tomorrow night bahs. I need to destress but I better do some constructive stuff tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

Next week's gonna be a busy week. And the worst thing is that our deadline for LA documentary is next friday! And there's geog test on that day as well. There's chem prac test and maths test according to Pei Yu.

And bad news... Mr Ng is still teaching applications of integration and he still has kinematics to cover for eoys. UH OH.

I may lead a busy life but I shall strive to make it a happy life (: life's not that bitter after all ^^


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