Thursday, July 27

Geography Test

I just did the Virtual River online quiz but I cannot save it to my thumbdrive for printing. ah. The certificate and the picture will disappear somehow, due to the formatting I guess. Argh and the problem is I cant connect my printer to this computer cos I dont have the installation cd. I may not even have been given the disc lor. And the big problem is my laptop has no internet connection. Must be something wrong with the laptop.

ohwells its ok bahs. better go and study geog. There's physics assignment to complete. Will be bringing it with me to phy tuition later for enlightenment.

I am currently obsessed with some really nice mandopop songs laa. Listening to jj's bei feng chui guo de xia tian now. Rocks laa. I like duets (: Esp this one, ni zui zhen gui and er jaychou's shan hu hai and wu ding. All rawk like crazy.

Chatted with yy on msn last night and she recommended a movie 'the lake house' to me. I went to read the synopsis at then watched the trailer. Oh man it rocks. I am definitely gonna sacrifice some revision time to watch it. Anyway the time used to watch the movie may even be some slacking time laa. I havent watch pirates of carribean too.

Read the newspaper while having my lunch. Actually just browsed through it laa, its kinda hard to eat and read at the same time... Then saw this article on a cat being dismembered and found at Sims Avenue... SPCA is looking for witnesses for this cruel act. The cat's head was chopped off and body cut into four parts.

Oh gosh that culprit is so inhuman. Why must he do this to such a poor creature? Sims Avenue is quite nearby my house and I know there's quite a number of stray cats loitering about but they are totally harmless creatures. Argh I cant stand animal abusers laa. Ppl from 4j who read this post will start calling me an ambassador of SPCA lol

That reminds me of the convo between me, yingqing and zhaomi yesterday on the way from Simei Stn to Hongyi's hse. I saw this puppy as we were walking and thought that since yq lives in a private apartment she might have a pet or something so i asked her she said yes. Then I started questioning about what breed the dog is, how long she has been keeping it as a pet etc. Then they said I sounded like I was doing an investigation for SPCA! hey no. It was out of pure interest that I asked laa >< =P

I used to have a pet poodle last time. Gui bing gou. Love it to bits. It was my childhood friend then. Then I think my parents gave it away as they didnt have time to take care of it and I was too young then. I didnt even know they gave it away lor. I think I just took it for granted. And now, a few months back I thought of going to SPCA to be a volunteer and even did a fund-raising event for HRSS in DHS. But then I realised that due to a long time of not interacting with domestic animals I have actually developed this unexplainable phobia towards them. I tend to fear dogs which bark and cats which follow me around purring. hehe. So it's pretty impossible for me to volunteer at an animal shelter. But I can consider to help out in other areas bahs.

Ms Tan told me something about CIP at zoo after exams. Sounds interesting... Definitely looking forward to it.

Tomorrow's the final collection for Pillar of Hope network selling. Hope all goes well. There's bio prac test in the morning followed by geog test then my collection of funds. Busy day har? hmm

wish me luck (:

and before I end this post,

Hope you like the chip/dale from me and yi ling. (eh i cant really differentiate between the two squirrels?)

How do you hold on to someone whom you've never met? - The Lake House


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