Tuesday, July 18

Stupid mistakes

three stupid mistakes i did today:

1. Walking into Coffee Bean
2. Intended to order coffee to perk myself up yet ordered a belgian chocolate in the end
3. Spent $6.70 on a regular cup of belgian chocolate, only to realise that it's too sweet for my liking and caused my stomach to feel really funny the whole time during tuition.

The only good thing is that my funny-feeling stomach kept me awake during tuition =D

I saw Cindy and Elaine again (: same tuition teacher. wahaha.

School work's driving me crazy. Coffee Bean's a pretty good place for studying. The lighting is quite good. The atmosphere is pretty ok too. Provided you buy the right beverage.

No more belgian chocolate for me anymore.

I think latte is still the best. Bitter sweet. Just like life (:

back to e&i.

I made a pact with shumin not to sleep tonight but I think I cant tahan for long.



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