Tuesday, July 18

Better time management pls

Tonight, I need to practise excellent time management for I have a lot of things to do. There's a chem test tomorrow and there's 'Pillar of Hope' presentation on Thursday. There's E&I presentation tomorrow as well after which we will all be free after half a year of torture. I know this sounds evil but I really dont enjoy the lessons. I just dont have the interest in the accounting area, not to even mention the talent. I really idolise accountants (:

Well here's a list for me to complete by tonight, otherwise CANNOT sleep.

1. E&I powerpoint for my part which is the key assets.
2. Study chemistry - electrolysis and energy changes.
3. Collate E&I proposal.
4. Complete documentation and ppt for Pillar Of Hope Network Selling.
5. Get ready Physics file.
6. Do Maths HW (if possible)

Yea that should be all. Argh. I slept at 2 plus last night trying to chiong chemistry but unfortunately I got too tired that I went to sleep and wake up at 655am this morning. I better get enough sleep tonight otherwise tomorrow I will make careless mistakes in the chem test again! And E&I presentation is during the first 3 periods. oh bummer. What a good start for a Wednesday morning.

Alright. I should get going. Byebye.


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