Sunday, July 23

Shopping Spree. Lousy Service

Ah I just read twin's blog and learnt that she pia-ing chem today. I did not study much except read through a few pages of geog on rivers... Went to hougang for p.o.h s.l proj in the morning. I decided not to call it cip anyway cos it's kinda outdated. Yea i was kinda grumpy in the morning... Was wearing the blue ylmp shirt...

Anyway did balloon sculpturing and taught the girls from xms how to make flowers. My fingers hurt now. Can some kind souls out there pls invent some kind of machines to tie balloons? The skins on my fingers esp the middle and index are peeling off like crazy. and it's SUPER UGLY cann.

I stayed till around 3 plus when Sun Lu's friends came. Went to Hougang Mall to get some stationery from popular. It's been years since I've been there so I went exploring and discovered this store 'Kawaii'. I bought a seashell bracelet (: love it to bits. Got a discount cos GSS is still on.

Dropped by the p.o.h booth again then went to take bus 80 home. Then after washing up, I went out with my mom and bro to Plaza Singapura to get a travel adaptor for my zen neeon and PC speakers from Creative. Argh the service was... ... ...

I just tested the speakers on this computer and apparently the left speaker is spoilt! Which means my mom has to make a trip to PS tomorrow again to change it. Ah. I dont think there's anything wrong with the plugs cos my dad's pretty expert at that. Must be the speakers' prob lor. grr.

Bought a tout bag too. Then had kfc for dinner and headed to Marina Sq. to make new spects for myself. My current spects is rusting really badly and the metal scratched my face. I am disfigured ):

Made the spects at Optical 88. The two opticians there were pretty young. Chatted with them and got to know that one of them graduated from SP.

I have a question. Why do opticians like to octracise those who are VERY shortsighted and with high astigma. HEH. I am adding 'optician' to my list of ambitions!

Alright I better go remove all the wires of the speakers then place them nicely into the box so that they will be ready for the trip back to the store. And I am gonna take a photo of the stuff I bought during this GSS. I've never get so excited abt GSS before lor. Ah I am a big girl now =D

Btw my cousin gave feedback that my blog lacks pictures so its boring. Well it's not that I dun wan put photos. Firstly it's cos i dont have the time to upload. Secondly I cant scan either since my printer/scanner is connected to my laptop. I will upload lotsa after my exams.

Before I end, my horoscope for today:

Your horoscope forSaturday, July 22, 2006
Some interesting changes will mix things up for you today. The sun will meander into Leo, marking the middle section of the summer schedule and giving you an edge when it comes to sending and getting tons of messages and news. The gossip will spread like crazy! Mars' move into Virgo could impact your home life. Look for more action, but avoid a parent's feisty mood.

How true. My mother's rather cranky today. And I forgot to AVOID it. SHEESH.

My life's a balloon. The fruitfulness depending on how I sculpture it =D


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