Thursday, July 20

Good-mood-day (:

Had physics tuition just now... and I have two homework left to be done... One is the chi rev paper. The other is the chem ws... Not sure if Mrs Phua asked us to do but anyway i dont think I'll be able to complete it. There's like so many questions.

Missed LA lecture for 'Pillar Of Hope' presentation for yr1 to 3. I definitely need to improve on my public speaking skills... And I tend to go' erm....' which can sound quite irritating over the sound system in the hall especially when the bass speakers are spoilt =
Hmm played floorball during PE. I realised that actually it's quite fun la. But my striking skill is lousy until I dont know how to describe it =P well there's always room for improvement (:

On the whole I was in quite a good mood today bahs. Except that the left sleeve of my uniform had 2 blue pen's marking. One was thank to Shu Min who was swerving her uncapped pen all around. The other one... I am not sure. But there's a probability that Shu Min's the culprit! oops =X

haha kae. It's been a great day. Read about my horoscope in yesterday's chinese newspaper. The description sounds kinda limbo-like. Oh no. It goes something like what I am leaving the darkness but cannot see the light yet. er?

Alright back to my work. I better sleep early tonight. Have been sleeping for around 4 hours for the past 2 or 3 days and my mom is pretty pissed off by the fact that I am lacking sleep. bleah. cya.


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