Sunday, July 16

Flag Day; Jap food; long to-do-list

Today's horoscope from

Your horoscope for Sunday, July 16, 2006
If you get involved in a group activity today, make sure that it's really organized. You won't be able to deal with chaos now. In fact, you might even be the one to make sure all the details are taken care of. Something as simple as a picnic in the park could turn zany when people confuse things like time, attire, and meeting place. Prepare--and keep your cool.

Aw even my horoscope's asking me to keep my cool. Went for flag day at tampines today. It was pretty good but I dont even feel like talking and hence didnt help much in the sales but did balloon sculptures. We sold the notebooks and character guide books. The response wasnt exactly overwhelming but not too bad either. The team will be embarking on the network selling next week. Hope all goes well.

The heat was really getting to me as I stood behind the booth. But the green apple smoothie which I bought from NowHere made it more tolerable. And the fact that the whole team was there, working together, made it a pleasant day and experience.

After packing up at the end of the flag day, we went to a jap restaurant at Novena Square for some sort of meal in between lunch and dinner. Tried raw salmon. Tell you something, it's my FIRST time eating raw fish. Yes. For as long as I can remember. Even during the flight to Germany I didnt eat the raw salmon on the tray. Gave them to the people sitting beside me. But yea I tried just now. And it tasted quite good with the wasabi plus soya sauce (?.?) It had the familiar salmon smell. I love to eat salmon actually, both steam and fried but never raw. Yea so it was good. The restaurant sells gelato ice cream and one of the flavours is Clementine Belle. Special eh? Ok i sound like a mountain turtle but it was my first time having a meal in that restaurant. I usually patronize Sakae Sushi. And it was also my first time to Novena Square.

Ok I think I should get started on my UN Mock Conf essay. I didnt do much homework this weekend. As you know, yesterday was dhp open house so my whole day was practically spent there. But it was a wonderful experience too. I even met my kindergarten friend's dad, mom and sister. He didnt go cos he has tuition.

Yea actually my weekend had been quite meaningful. To think that I still got so emo just now, thinking about my poor time management, but it's a fact. Just that I spent my time doing meaningful things for the school and community.

And correction for my previous post, I am enjoying what I had done... just that I allowed my thinking about what has not been done to get to me... That's why most of my earlier posts were quite emo and sad laa.

Eh I want to thank twin for listening and 'eating' up all my problems yesterday, giving a loud BURRPPP at the end. I really feel better and I am glad you understand (:

And eh to that anonymous senior who has been tagging my blog, thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one being stressed. It feels weird thanking a stranger. But yep really thank you for taking the time to reply the tags. Ok la not exactly stranger. He is my senior but i dunno who he is.

ok ok thats all for this post. still have lotsa stuff to do.

All the best to my team's network selling!


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