Monday, May 29

what's my international flava?

***what's your international flava? ***

Daring and Delicious

You have some reservations about eating different foods, but for the most part, you're willing to try new things. The perfect international foods for you are familiar enough, but offer exciting flavors that will bring you far away from your daily peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The perfect ethnic foods for you are Thai and Mediterranean food--two types of cuisines full of rich spices and options so you'll find something you can enjoy. Hit up your local Thai restaurant for some Pad Thai (a dish made with noodles, peanuts and chicken or shrimp) and your mouth will get a tasty treat or take trip to the Mediterranean by trying some delicious falafel, a fried ball of chick peas that you can eat in a pita with some hummus. Yum!

what's your international flava?


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