Sunday, May 7


My thighs hurt like crazy... all thanks to the 2.4 running.
My head spins like nobody's business... all thanks to cyber-surfing.
My hair's as messy as can be cos I am messing it up.
I am feeling vexed like never cos' I am in a dilemma!

Art Club. Community Service Club. Student council. ODAC. To quit or join?
E lit or economics?
Education or social work?

Conclusion: My future seems bleak.

I kept telling myself. 'Just follow your heart'. I followed my heart last year, after someone told me to and I found myself heading off to Paris and London. I followed my heart and made a mistake of liking someone. I followed my heart last friday and ate nuggets and fries and now? My voice's coarse and my throat's irritated.

Should I or Should I NOT follow my heart?

There's a career guidance workshop tomorrow where our most suitable career will be revealed according to our personality type. I am not really excited but I cant deny that I am looking forward to it somehow.

There is something which I am definitely looking forward to tmr. PE!! Soccer! Who cares about my hurting thighs? I love soccer. haha. Anyhow kick de. But I dont watch soccer cos the guys in my hse (my dad and my bro) dont really chase soccer matches. they only watch when there's nth to watch and there happened to be a soccer match while they are browsing through the channel.


I better hurry and finish up my print-out on an organic substance for chemistry.

follow my heart?


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