Monday, May 1

Movies 'Analysis'

Hm Labour Day. 1 May (: 1 more day to my twin's birthday =)

I have tons of homework undone but I dont feel any sense of urgency. Ah gosh. I am still worried about 2.4km running this coming friday. I have to learn to believe in myself!! Alright let's talk about happier stuff.

Went for CS concert last night. I was super high and confident so I started talking alot last night. And one more thing, my outfit last night was the most casual among the others which I wore for the other concerts. We were making lotsa noise after settling down and we didnt realise that Mrs Phua, yes Mrs Phua our chemistry teacher was right in front of us with her daughter. She was sitting directly in front of me. LOL I didnt know it was her until Jingles told us so loudly that she turned around and told us that we are very noisy!! LOL

CS concert really rocks! Especially that skit Huanglin acted in. JH said it's something like 'Bang bang you're dead' Yes indeed. Very simple skit. very few props and actors and well its simplicity makes a difference and definitely left a deep impression ^^

after the concert, jingles, eileen and I walked to Raffles Place MRT. On the way we met Mrs Koh and her daughter. En Yan resembles Mrs Koh alot. Even their hair are tied up in the same bushy ponytail hehehe.

This morning I woke up with sore eyes. ARGH. It's better now phew. I feel like going for a movie today! Yea just watched Aquamarine the other day but but but there's like so many movies to watch ma!

Check out the column on the left for my current movie-to-watch list (:

Aquamarine is something like In Her Shoes. About friendship and romance. But Aquamarine is more about teenagers with this wee bit of childishness. LOL But there are some really nice phrases like 'Why do we dream of true love? Because it's the closest we can imagine.' I hope I didnt hear wrongly. But one bad thing about the movie is that there's no subtitle.

After watching so many films during LA lectures I still am very lost when watching movies without subtitles. hehe.

The Wild seems like a really nice movie... Something like Madagascar which I watched a few days after my birthday last year, the day I departed from Singapore to Germany. haha I can remember very clearly. How come? Cos I have a superb memory cann?

Daisy seems pretty interesting too. But it's gonna be in Korean isnt it? Hm then maybe I have to give it second thoughts cos the movie cant seem to convey any feelings into me if its not in a language that I understand. Both jingles and I realised this after paying a price.Yes 8 bucks and no vivid impression at all.

Ah Da Vinci Code. I am so excited but there's something disappointing too. Why is Tom Hanks acting as Langdon instead of Tom Cruise? Ah Nvm. I am sure the film will be good. My fingers are crossed.

There is this film titled Love Story and rated NC 16. Seemingly a good movie but it's showing two days before my birthday and I will still be fifteen! Nvm. I can watch it when I am sixteen but I think I rather go pooling or sth >< The film is starring some local actors. hmmm

I am definitely going to catch RV and Just My Luck! Both are comedies and I certainly need some laughters added to my life =D

I've jus read my horoscope for this week. Hm it says I shouldnt be too impatient, shouldnt flirt too much and should try doing flower arrangement. I've always thought flower arrangement is cool.... Hm And I am not allergic to flowers fortunately.

Btw I found the recipe for making chocolate-coated strawberries when clearing past years magazines. Yep thats abt it for this post. I better get started on my homework... Yea after surfing the net for another 30 minutes bahhs ^^


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