Friday, May 5

Some emotional rants

You're someone I cant understand
Your thoughts I'll never know
You're too complex for me
But this's a fact I can never see

No matter how hard I try
Your smile I cant forget
My heart always skips a beat
Whenever our eyes met.

After so many heartaches
After so many heartbreaks
Am I really such a brave girl
With all these woes to take

You are too unpredictable
Yes that I obviously know
But no matter how
the memories I cant let go

The memories kept on replaying
Replaying in my mind
The sweet and happy times
are definitely worth more than a dime

Sometimes I get so fed up with myself
That I dont know what to do
For everything I came upon
Reminds me of no one but you

You dug this bottomless pit
And many times I fell into it
In it I find misery and sadness
And not bliss cum happiness

Yes you are that cruel
Yet you never know
For you never think of the consequences
As your actions chose to show

Sometimes things are just that simple
A smile might mean nothing
But if things werent that simple
That smile ruins everything

Like how my hopes were dashed
My dreams shattered
My heart broken
With the pieces scattered

It's time you do a reflection
Or turn to enlightenment
Otherwise more and more people
Cos of you sinks into depression

It's time I forget you
And clean you out of my mind
You shall not hinder my life journey
For there's many other nicer people I will find

I've come to the end of this poem
But I cant remember who is this I am writing
Is it my serious short term memory?
No. Just that some people are simply not worth remembering.

tadaa. impromptu poem. pro right? Dont ask me who I am writing about. For that jus clearly shows that you are illiterate. Otherwise you have a serious short term memory (Kindly refer to the last paragraph of the poem, thank you)

PS. Pardon me for grammar mistakes. hehehe ^^


sometimes dreams are a reflection of our desires in reality


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