Friday, May 5

Happy day =)

whoa today's a good day cos I felt good and confident. The horoscope analysis on wed newspaper said today's my good day and it's definitely true!

Had yr5&6 subject units briefing. Quite exciting wor. The sciences subjects I am taking are pretty much confirmed. But I am having difficulty deciding on my contrasting subject. Econs or Elit? No idea. The notes on the criteria requirements for career are useful and I see the education faculty in NTU =D

4j's really glad that our interaction period was not spent in class ;)

Geog lesson. Map-reading. Quite ok laa. But I am still abit blur at some points of time. Hello? I am a sotong rmb? ^^

After geog is chinese. ah the worksheet that jls went through... I did it at home last night. I am a good good girl. hehehe. some of my answers were wrong though. The efforts matter more!

Recess... attempted a few questions of my tuition homework but didnt manage to complete any.

Maths. Me and twin actually went up together to do the differentiation questions on the board. I was high so managed to persuade her to go up with me. After I returned to my seat, Ms Lim asked me to do the remaining question again. uh? Never mind. Lucky my answers were correct.

LA. not much to say. Pek qik's the most appropriate adjective.

Physics. Mr Chia gave us some worksheet to do and we had to hand it in by the end of the lesson. Anyhow do. cos dunno how to do. The questions were unclear. Too ambiguous =P

Reported at the foyer for 2.4km run. Both twin and I kanna qi gek. Our names were not in the list. Gosh. Lucky Mr Chew rescued us =D Ran with the first batch of sec2s. WHEE I didnt stop running. I jogged all the way... maintained my pace. I wasnt the first. Neither was I the last. YAY. So proud of myself. And I didnt disappoint my fellow art club comm. members... especially after all the 'wishing good luck' =D I'm so happy I'm so glad ^^

Walked back to school with twin and darren initially. Then chatted with them abt some stuff which we somehow shared the same sentiments for. ohwells. sometimes things/people are so ever-changing and unpredictable and complex.

Then me and twin walked together and did some analysis... etc. Heart to heart talk =) Yup then gulped down drinks in the canteen before heading back to art club. Comm members came down to canteen and we discussed abt our camp in june where the handover will be conducted. Then continued painting the wooden boxes in sec3 wall-less. Suddenly felt sad that we're gna hand over art club. Bu she de.

Had to rush to tuition. Wanted to take a cab but juehui's dad gave me a ride. WHEE thnks uncle =D Because of that I managed to reach the tuition centre in time, smelling good hehehe.

Tuition was pretty fun. The tuition-mate was very cute and funny. She kept teasing the teacher until he didnt know what to do. Met her and her mom at the bus stop. Took bus home then watched channel 8 9pm show. Got julian hee and felicia worr ^^

I didnt fall into the bottomless pit. Becos you were there to pull me out (:


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