Saturday, May 6

Fun day Out (:

Woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. Cant even talk. Regained a wee bit of my voice after having a strepsil. Did some cross- stitching before having breakfast then tidied my past-yr magazine pages... packed them into plastic folders before putting them into a ring file. Then got ready to go to Kallang Mac to meet Shu Min and the other BSP camp facils from dhs for a meeting.

I was late... but not the latest =D hehehe. Discussed lo. A lot of funny stuff to laugh about throughout the discussion. Spotted this lizard which is not a house lizard outside Mac. It has stripes on its body.

After a while, I went to buy an Oreo Mcflurry while Jing Hui and Darren got an ice cream cone each. Before that I wanted to check the points collected in my ez-link when I felt something wet on my right leg. I asked Shu Min then she said 'air con leak laa' then she realised that her bag was wet. Her water bottle was not tightened and all the water spilled. LOL! We laughed like mad... Cannot help it. Shu Min laa. Comical lor. thot who urinated on my leg ><

Sat down and continued discussing... Then left after a while. Walked with her to the bus stop beside Mobil Petrol Station. Took bus 30 to kembagan. Then took MRT to TM. Went to the basement to get some food to makan. She got herself an A1 sardine puff while I got a bacon and cheese tako pachi. Then she went home while I went for a haircut.

That guy who cut my hair chatted with me throughout the haircut. From saying that I've a chubby face to asking me to wear contact lens cos I'll look nicer to saying I should smile more and not look stern. I kept laughing then got a shock when I saw how short my hair is. Ah. Very layered and extremely short. Felt kinda uncomfortable about the length of my hair... And worried that I cant tie it up when I've to go to school. But I looked pretty ok bahs.

I tried tying up just now... Tied it up into a ponytail first. cannot. Too untidy. Hair falling out.

Tied it into 2 pigtails. Adorable but looks so act-cute~! No way. Wait kinda teased.

Tied it into a top ponytail and then tied everything up. Ok. set. Dont look childish. Dont look untidy =D

But I think the haircut is quite nice and worth it. A lot of hair cut off wor ^^

Gtg teach my brother some maths stuff. How come I feel so torturous teaching him?!

I cant decide what cca I want to join in yr5 =( Someone enlighten me pls!


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