Wednesday, May 3

Falling sick

Ah today's a 'sick' day. My stomach felt funny. I felt cold. I had an irritated throat (all thanks to the endless laughters during e&i). I had a terrible headache and I woke up from my nap, sneezing non-stop.

Wanted to go jogging jus now cos I am still pretty worried about my 2.4km run on Friday. I know it's unnecessary worrying but I cant help it. I feel insecure.

I had a weird dream last night. A dream which made me not feel like waking up. But my dream was 'scattered' when my mom woke me up and I realised that it was 6.50am alright. Felt like returning to my dreamland in school. Had a hard time staying awake.

Today's not exactly considered a good day. How good can the day be when you feel sick?

Make-ppl-fall-asleep physics lesson. Not that Mr Chia's teaching is not good laa. but the chapter is somehow boring. And I remembered abt learning the chapter in p3...

Confusing geography lesson plus the fact that my brain's been switched off

Biology lesson. Not much comments but had fun crapping with twin. Sexy shoulders eh? ;)

Recess. Had porridge. My mdm spoilt my appetite!! LOL

Maths lesson was pretty alright. I enjoy doing questions on differentiation (:

Health screening. Pissed off by the nurse. Internal war also want to influence the students. grr.

Chinese lesson. Ok ok la

Lunch. I got my postcard from dumbo. finally~

E&i. Hm as usual lo except that the lesson was held in the computer lab this time and the fans were full blast. Super cold. The chair I was sitting on was abit spoilt and I almost fell off it for a couple of times. The last part when we went to Mr Ong's website was super funny. I laughed so much that the cold air in the room got into my throat and made it irritated. Breathing difficulty. I didnt have my asthma medicine with me then. Lucky I am still alive.

No chem lessons. Took bus home with Eileen. Reached home. Gulped down coffee then took a nap. Breathing became normal again but had a terrible headache.

No appetite for dinner but still managed to eat some stuff la. Listening to Music diary on fm933 with my stomach feeling funny.

I am 15, going to 16. Yet I've always let naiveness get the better of me. Why cant i learn? Or rather why cant others stop playing a joke on me?

Still pondering over my dream.


wo zhen de hai shi nan yi shi huai


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