Sunday, February 5

ren ri. reunion dinner with yusheng

Went to my grandparents' house to celebrate ren ri. Today's the seventh day of lunar new year and so it's everyone's birthday (: Had a filling dinner and lao yu sheng. Yummy. Very fun. We were like going 'huat ah. huat ah' after we ran out of chengyu to say. haha. Only my 2nd uncle and my family plus my grandparents and maid there. Then my cousin's a real cutie. She is 1 year old and an aquarius so we click perfectly well tgt. She loves packet drinks so I was holding this chrysanthemum drink jus now and she stared at it.... Then she wouldnt stop after I let her have a sip. She kept wanting for more. Very cute little girl (:

Hm px, yl and jh will be coming to my house tomorrow afternoon to work on and complete our geography project aka the rally speech. And I shall try to complete as many hw as possible in the morning. In fact I am going to work on some now though it's already midnight.

And I desperately need a power adaptor to charge my zen neeon. I cant possibly switch on the laptop everytime i need to charge it mah. Haiyo so ma fan. Nvm I shall put up with the torture for the time being.

SC investiture on Monday. Argh. I still dunno if I should wear the long sleeve shirt to school or not. Maybe I should then can save my grandma from trouble of washing one more shirt.

I shall keep myself busy these days and not let my thoughts wander off to elsewhere. It's not going to benefit me in anyway. In fact it will only make my grades suffer.

Yep I am going to concentrate& focus and work hard. I am going to manage my time and thoughts properly. Prioritise my responsibilities. Most importantly work towards my goals and strive for the best. As for other stuff say friendship and romance, I will leave it to fate. Yes wholly to fate. As if like i will have the strength to go and alter fate laa. I will just accept what I am given and not brood over what I am not given. Wah if only it's easier done than said.

Nothing is impossible.


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