Saturday, February 4

bad mood day

Alright I woke up from my 4-hr nap at around 4pm, just in time to watch the I Not Stupid 2 Filming Special. Had my very-late lunch and ah I am feeling better, ie my mood is better than before.

Went to school this morning for SC Level Council Mtg. The mtg ended at around 12pm. I was feeling dao throughout the whole mtg. And I totally lack the energy to talk to people. Just feel like sleeping laa.

Here are some reasons to account for my bad mood:
1. I woke up late. Supposed to wake up at 8am but woke up at 830am instead. But luckily I reached school at 9am SHARP!

2. I did not have 8-hr of sleep. There, a sleepy person is a moody person.

3. My breakfast was too filling. Yes its true. It can totally spoil my mood when I get too bloated.

4. My brain's not coordinating well with my mouth. I am supposed to brainstorm for ideas but I kept asking others for ideas. bleah

5. I totally miss my YLMP Project mentors-mtg session. It was at 10am. I didnt ask to leave early cos I wasnt in the mood to talk to anyone. See! You're not paying attention to what I said earlier on ><

6. I was holding my bladder from 10am onwards till 11 plus. I drank too much water and I didnt want to interrupt the mtg by asking 'may I go to the toilet?'

7. The weather was cold and once I stepped out into the open, i felt the raindrops and it totally dampened my mood.

8. I feel uncomfortable in my yellow orientation 2005 tee. Too striking and A.A. I should've opted for a more dull colour and the yellow orientation tee wasnt my first choice last night. It totally dont reflect my mood. In fact it contradicts it!

9. I've a whole lot of homework and projects waiting to be done at home. Yes. And apparently none of them is done yet and after this post I will be going to my grandparents' hse for a reunion dinner. Came online to do research for my speech during HCL lessons and on the Heavenly Creatures film.

10. Getting scolded for something you didnt do totally sark.

Yes whole 10 reasons to account for my bad mood. ARGH. I wanted to go to Plaza Sing for the YLMP proj ect meeting so that I can drop by Spotlight to get stuff for vday gifts. But never mind, I shall try to be more optimistic. I get to save the MRT fare and earned 4-hr of sleep.

wow. I am SO glad ><

I've to go. Before my mother starts nagging and spoils my mood entirely all over again. I shall try to control my temper next time and be less dao.

As long as you're happy. No license to care.


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