Thursday, February 2

my day

I am supposed to be doing Chinese project now but I have no idea what to do. Ah. Some highlights of the day:

1) mood-swing days. no elaboration needed har?

2) Interaction period was about portfolio preparation ah. What should be my theme this year? Last year was rainbow. This year? Let me think first.

3) Chemistry- 2 periods. Some interactive and enriching activity which Mrs Phua thought of. Each of us was supposed to come up with 5 questions with answers from the textbook about Metals. Then we were to exchange the questions with someone who is not sitting right beside us. I got Cecilia's questions in the end and her questions were exactly her style. Just my luck har? =P

One of the questions: Why is Eiffel Tower made of iron and not alloy.
The textbook didnt provide the answer to this question so I asked Cecilia who is sitting right in front of me for the answer and she told me 'because alloying not discovered at that time mah'. Ok I wrote that down.

Then we passed the questions which we did to another person but not the one who came up with the questions to mark the answers. I marked Shi Ling's questions& Shumin's answers. Then Shu Min who was marking my answers checked with Mrs Phua regarding the question on Eiffel Tower and guess wad. The answer provided by Cecilia was brilliantly correct. Mrs Phua said it was because alloy was not common at that time. Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 if I did not remember wrongly. And I climbed it last year woohoo. Splendid scenery from above and I would definitely like to climb it again hm maybe ten years down the road with someone special (:

Ah digression. bleah.

4) Biology. Drew vegetables in the lab. Not too bad. Drawing the ginger stem was interesting. I felt like I was drawing some kind of map. WHEE.

5) There wasnt any evaluation for CNY celebration. It should be a good thing for me. Not really in the mood to evaluate whatever that happened yesterday. I've collated the scores which were not collated by Colin and Jun Ru and there I've come up with the winners for CNY Games.

6) Saw Guppy's tag. WHEE. You sound horribly fierce yesterday, you frightened me lor. Boohoo. Glad that you've found your soccer ball and that Shu Min and I can keep our money in our pockets =D And please take care of it from now onwards. Keep it in somewhere safe and inaccessible by strangers. LOL

7) Went TM with Pei Yu after school. Bought movie tickets for I Not Stupid Too. Then ate lunch with Pei Yu at Yoshinoya. Yummy. I ate super slowly as usual. My mechanical digestion rate is deteriorating really badly.

8) Bought a perfect belated birthday present for Jue Hui. Ah its so perfect that I want it for my birthday too. LOL i am adding it to my wishlist.

9) Met my mom and brother outside GV at 4pm for the movie. Not watching with Pei Yu cos she watched before le. My brother bought nachos combo and i karped some nachos from him hahas. The movie was great.. simply touching. The beginning was very funny. Then everyone kept laughing. Shawn looks great in the movie. lol. very charismatic and good-looking hehehe. Anyway, in the middle part of the movie and towards the end, ah the touching and sad part. I heard that many people cried while watching. And it's no surprise I did too. Esp the part when Jerry told his parents that he stole because he wanted to buy 1 hour of his dad's time so that he can go for his performance. Ohmy. I cant remember from which part of the movie did my tears started falling laa. But ever since they started falling, they formed a fountain and never stopped. They totally wet my collar. LOL so I didnt want to make it obvious to my brother and mother and other people that I was crying... There were some girls who were making lotsa noises and sound effects at the back of the cinema. I was sitting 6 rows from the screen. Not too near but not somewhere I will choose if I have more choices. Ya so they were like making 'aw' sounds when Shawn and Joshua appeared on the screen. bleah. I am sure the audience will appreciate it if they keep their opinions to themselves lol. It's not like we needed any reminders about how good-looking the two guys are ;)

After watching the movie, I bought a billabong pink water bottle from 77th street. Ah second thing off my wishlist. WHEE. Then went down to popular to get table tennis balls for art club amazing race. Went home after that.

Pia chi proj till 2 am plus... my eyes were feeling very tired and sore... cos of the tears laa.


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