Friday, February 3

art club amazing race

Today's a fun day! I've always liked Fridays cos the weekend's just tomorrow and the lessons are quite slack and most importantly there is Art Club!!

For HCL today, we did our Chi proj presentation. It was kinda erh messy cos impromptu and it was becos of me that my group had to present first. I am register number ONE (: Sorrie ppl.

JLS showed us Pei Yu's group's powerpoint presentation. Ah totally impressive. Like it very much... the way they compared the eastern and western heroes. The theme is clear and the powerpoint just rocks hehe.

Got our biology test back. I could have done better though Ms Loh wrote a 'gd' beside my marks. I really could have done better laa. Argh. I cant believe that I forgot what is the top right chamber of the heart called. It's called 'right atrium' and in my answer for that particular question, i only wrote 'right a' cos I suddenly couldnt remember what the chamber is called. I was thinking about 'artery', 'arterioles' and couldnt remember that it is called 'atrium'. AH. Nvm I will do better next time.

Maths was on cumulative frequency. We drew graphs with timings given and I was not able to complete the graph within the time limit. Must work harder.

CME was pretty ok. Mr Kiw told us some enlightening stuff about humans are in fact the most scary creatures in the world and we are the most helpless when at birth. Other animals are more independent compared to us. Say the turtles, they know how to feed and crawl to the ocean right after hatching from their eggs, the baby giraffe will try to stand up on their own despite falling umpteen times and finally could stand on their feet. Mr Kiw's lessons are always filled with stories. I admit that i felt rather drowsy during the lesson cos I only had 4 hours of sleep last night... But I managed to pay attention and did not fall asleep.

Ah btw my left foot's not hurting as much as yesterday... it magically became better after a night's sleep. woohoo.

We had pizza during LA which were the last two periods. Yummy. Right now my favourite restaurants:
1) Cafe Cartel
2) Pizza Hut
3) Yoshinoya
4) Sakae Sushi
5) Ya Kun Kaya Toast

LOL they are subjected to change at any time and varies according to my mood and craving at that point of time.

I like beverages from Cafe Cartel... esp latte. I like Polar's Latte too... Teeheehee.

Alright then after lessons, went to sec3 study area for a short SC mtg. Next week's timetable's from day6 to day10. So there will be SC investiture on Monday. Lucky my foot not so pain le. If not I cant figure out how I am going to walk around with the court shoes.

Then me and shumin were trying to save the precious life of a can of white paint. And in the end, both of us dirtied our hands and skirts lol. Then we were split into our different departments and Li Li announced that there will be a level council mtg tmr at 9am at canteen. erh ya. should be if i didnt remember wrongly...

Ya then after that I went back to class to help with the preparation for Art Club Orientation Amazing Race. I was cutting the drawing boards for the lots for my station then I dunno wad happened but I just snipped the area between my left index finger and thumb with the scissors I was holding and duh it started bleeding profusely. I felt so stoopid lorhs. Cutting myself. I was shocked by the sudden pain in my hand. Dunno what I was thinking of at that point of time laa.

Then went down to Art Club Room. Started copying copies of the different stations' details. Then went off to our respective stations. My station was in 4J classroom. WHEE. So I took my stuff to the fourth storey. Then realised I forgot to bring two stools up so I went down again then up again. After that seeing that no group had arrived yet so I went to refill my water bottle. Then the groups started coming and at one point of time, 3 groups came at the same time. Then I was on popular demand. hahas.

Then after 4 groups left, I waited for a very long time for the last group to arrive. Ok it might not be very long but I was waiting alone ma so one minute will be like one century =P After that I went around to look for the other station masters but I left my stuff in 4j clsrm cos I lazy to bring them around.

Then erm went back to art room. Something happened. And it got on the committee's nerves. Yep then me and juehui went to 4j to get the stuff down then went for break. While I was watching my hands... ohya i painted my left arm and fist with the orange paint... wrote 'art club' and drew a heart. You can tell how bored I was while waiting for the group to arrive bahs. lol. Then I heard someone shouting very loudly in the canteen. Ah. Ok thats how far I am elaborating on the incident.

So I bought food and Jue Hui bought drinks. We couldnt stand it anymore so we left the food and drinks with Chip and the rest while we headed off to the art club room with some important missions.

Then we went back to the canteen to makan. I ate very slowly so Cecilia they all went back first. Juehui stayed with me. thnks (: Then npcc were having some kind of party thingy at the canteen with music and all. Then most of them were in red clothes... so I guess it should be some kind of cny thingy bahs. Then some guys were wearing cheongsam... hahas. Then went back to art club room. They were having debriefing then we were dismissed. Early dismissal. It was only 5 plus. Then me and jh went to canteen to make phone calls. Cos my hp no batt and I lazy to change batt so jus use the phonecard which i was given long time ago~ Then me and jh sat down at the round table to watch the 'fashion show' by npcc ppl. LOL very funny and cute de lo. They were dressed with the theme as cny i think. There was this guy who wore a cheongsam and pants and his hair was tied up with 2 yellow hairbands. hahahas. Kept laughing lorh. The whole npcc was high.... so envious. they got to party... they had amazing race earlier too i think.

Then the fashion show ended so me and jh went to the foyer. Chatted with Dawn then my dad came and I went off. After reaching home i karped some cny snacks. Ah guilty. Anyway then I watched channel8 tv prog then started cutting out the stars thingy as prize tag for cny games prizes. I cut them out from coloured cards then I waited for my grandma to finish bathing before I can bathe then in the end i fell asleep. till 7pm then when i woke up I just poke one end of the stars I cut into the wound I obtained earlier in the day. Ah. Blood spurred out again. Then went to wash the wound. The pain worsened. I must really learn my lesson and stop being a sotong. It's not the first time I cut myself with a scissors while cutting some other stuff. hahas.

ah there's ylmp project mentor-mtg session tmr at dhob ghaut mrt at 10am. Guess i will be late since the lvl council mtg will most probably end at 10am. Nvm i will chiong down to plaza singapura right after the mtg. Then maybe after the mtg i will drop in at spotlight to see if there's any stuff i can get to make vday gifts. Hmmm then maybe I can get latte from Cafe Cartel. Whee. Then I will go home and wash up before going to my grandparents' hse for another reunion dinner, this time with abalone and yu sheng =D

Starhub ppl coming to my hse on Sunday's afternoon to fix cable tv... then jh, yl and px coming to do project. woohoo busy weekend. I must finish hw asap. My brother kept pestering me to try playing maplestory and now i am checking out the website ><

Btw i've restarted my habit of listening to Music Diary on FM 93,3 every weekday at 8pm. I listened to it just now but the story wasnt that of a romance... and the reception was totally lousy laa. I think they've released another Music Diary CD. It's going up on my wishlist (:

life with friends is simply bliss (:


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