Wednesday, February 1

cny games& shopping wid geneve

ah just a short post before I start doing some constructive stuff for the day.

Today's dhs cny celebration as well as the implement of the long-waited cny games. Hm I am not going to elaborate about the games... Just some highlights. The beginning of the lower sec games was terrible. I was in a terrible mood and I am sorrie if i scream at anyone... knowingly. Things were so messy.

Upper sec games was slightly better but there's still some confusion present. I am sorrie for the lousy routes done by me. I am really sorrie about it.

A big thank you to all Station ICs and Station Masters for helping out... putting up with my sotongness, ap-ness and whatsoever attitude.

Thanks to 4E, Dinah, Elizabeth, Colin and Shu Min for helping to clean up 4E's classroom. And sorrie to 4E for the mess resulting from the station.

Thanks to the school attendant who helped us sweep the flour from the corridor of Block A fourth level.

Thanks to the station ICs specifically Shu Min, Jazreen, Karmen, Yao Lu, Colin and Geneve for the coordinating of the games.

Thanks to Mrs Tan and Mdm Stella John.

Last but not the least, I want to thank everyone in DHS for participating in the games though not entirely enthu about it... but thanks for putting up with it.

I can only say one thing: I am glad that everything is over. Really glad.

It was as traumatising an experience as that of last year's youth day's stage coordinating. I worked with the same people (Shu Min, Geneve, Colin) and the similar event of the signing of IOU took place. No no i am not saying it's traumatising working with them kaes. It was really great to work with them. They are level-minded people while i am one who gets freaked out when something unexpected happens so they neutralize out the situation. Yups. Really nice and memorable experiences working with them. Like what i was telling geneve just now, funny things happened everytime we worked together and we had a good laugh. And everytime i think of these things i will crack up laughing.

Ok like i was saying, yup organizing or coordinating an event is not easy. I worry, I fear, I fret over every single thing. I get freaked out when something goes wrong. I am totally sotong sometimes if not all the time. But i am glad I persevered. There might be tears there might be sweat there might be sleepless nights. It's over and somehow it's worth it (: (to some extent)

I am not totally looking forward to the evaluation for cny celebration tmr. But still feedback will help to improve on the games. And the cny games will become part and parcel of my sec sch life... after today, it becomes part of my memories.

I couldnt sleep last night. Ok laa. slept for 4 hours. Kept thinking and thinking about the game stations but i didnt think about the routes where the major problem lies. I am thankful that geneve called me last night to finalise stuff with me. I am thankful that the station ics met up this morning to finalise stuff. I am really apologetic about the routes. Ah. I was too selfish. I didnt realise that it can be read vertically and horizontally. ah. really very very sorrie. if only the routes were not problematic, everything would have been better... yes definitely better. I am sorrie.

Ok I wont talk about the games anymore, so much being a cny celebration. Shall change the topic before i start sinking into depression stage.

alright. hm after potluck, went to parkway parade with geneve then walked about... bought belgian chocolate ice blended from coffee bean. Erm not bad. It was bitter at first but it became sweet then too sweet for me. Ah I still prefer latte. the best.

After a while, we decided to go citylink mall. It was so coincident that both of us like citylink mall and surfer brands. lol then met 4i ppl there... met huishan also. Then we bought similar pencil cases. She bought the orange one and me the pink duh.

then walked about... went suntec then marina sq. then finally went home. Had a great time shopping with geneve. Let's take neoprints together next tym!

Hm thats about it. So many sorries and thank yous in jus one post. My mood has taken a dip right down into the ground.

before i end, just erm 2 more sorries.

Sorrie to yanchun aka guppy? Really very sorrie.

Sorrie to shumin. I shouldnt have gotten you into the soup especially since i was the one who started it.

Life's a promise; fulfill it.


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