Thursday, February 9


WHEE. Blogthings has many new quizes and since I've nothing much to do I shall quiz... hehe. No homework today if I am not wrong... Yea deadline for chem poster is tomorrow and I am proud to announce that it is... COMPLETED (:

My mood has improved slightly these few days and I am sorrie if my behaviour/ mood has appeared to be offensive to anyone. Yesterday HCL lessons were funny esp Nicholas' group's skit. I laughed till I cried for the dunno-how-many times. Nicholas wore his sister's hairbands and acted as a Western and Eastern girl. LOL. The whole class fell into fits of giggles while watching them acting.

Nowadays school's life pretty much the same just that I am on an emotional roller coaster and I felt terrible sometimes and pretty ok the next. I've weird dreams at night too. I dreamt of my friends... and worse, I dreamt of him smsing me. Ok maybe it's no big deal to you. Just smsing wad? But it matters lots to me cos he havent sms me for a very LONG time. All the memories start flowing back and the fact that this month is his birthday month and valentine's day is just round the corner. PLUS I am reading PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. Nice book and it's too memories-provoking. It's all about guardian angels and the essence of childhood love. Yea I lead a complex life right? I just spend too much time complicating up my life, daydreaming and thinking about fantasy. But I CAN differentiate reality from fantasy. I live in reality. This following quiz totally describes me. I am forever in dilemmas cos I cant be decisive, at least not all the time.

You Are a Caramel Crunch Donut
You're a complex creature, and you're guilty of complicating things for fun.You've been known to sit around pondering the meaning of life...Or at times, pondering the meaning of your doughnut.To frost or not to frost? To fill or not to fill? These are your eternal questions.
What Donut Are You?

Btw I had my yan jiang on tuesday.It was pretty ok. JLS said it was good. Thankfully. If not I wld have been disappointed cos I worked really hard for the script. It was wholly translated and written by me, filled with emotions. LOL and after the yanjiang, I felt like I am an ambassador of SPCA. I think the class thought so too. LOL.

More quizes to come. Stay tune if you want to know more about what I am like. LOL.

Everyone needs a guardian angel.

so where's mine?


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