Sunday, February 5

geog rally speech

juehui and yiling just left. We met up this afternoon to do our geog rally speech project. We didnt complete it but we managed to get part of the speech done. WHEE at least there's some achievement.

After they left, i realised that my poor zen neeon had been playing music to the graph papers on my table the whole time. Apparently I forgot to switch it off and its battery is almost flat. Ah. We discussed our project, played daidee, did some fortune-telling stuff on my love life but apparently cos i dont have fate with that person so it wasnt successful. WHEE. and also did some astrology analysis. Ah my favourite (:

So hm I have this whole pile of homework waiting to be done. I shall go have my dinner and get started with them. There's SC investiture tmr. Btw i realised that I am exceptionally quiet today. Wonder if yl and jh realised it. Well I've be acting rather weird these days. I can be very noisy one moment and very quiet the next moment. Just what is my problem. Maybe I've too much to think about. Too much stuff in my mind and heart that i can hardly breathe. SIGH. I am off. Tata.

The key to my heart is lost forever.


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