Saturday, October 8

exam period

havent been blogging nowadays well you noe la. its the exam period and everyone's mugging hard. today's entry is an exception cos i happened to be online though i should really be studying maths but ohwells. i thot today is sunday so came to check zodiac girl website for my horoscope for next week. argh. i think i can consider myself to be quite hardworking today and the hardworkingness usually takes place on a sunday thats why i mistook today for tomorrow laa.

ohwells maths revision is so so laa. somehow i realised maths is interesting hahas. yups logarithms not as hard as i thought it was. hmm functions not that bad too. i hope trigo will be better. i am really praying really really hard that i will pass this upcoming maths exam ok.

finally geography and biology papers are over and they are totally TOUGH. yes tough in caps lock. both papers are like so difficult and were on the same day. HELP. but fortunately its finally over.. over over over. yayys.

maths will be over on monday but not totally. somehow there is this paper 2 on thurs. arghhh but after thurs its totally over !! hahas. not going for chem tuition on monday i think. mr lee's gonna teach on redox reaction which is not tested for my exam so ohwells. i might as well spend the one and half hr revising physics. physics is kinda floppish. chemistry i still have a bit of hope but still must study cos i cant afford to flop that one favourite subject kaes.

hmmm maybe gonna catch a movie on thurs after the exam. hmmm but things are too early to say laa. jus saw the photos taken on cpa prize giving ceremony days. there were a few with me inside but majority of them are errrr candid shots so you should noe the effects laa. there is this particular picture where i was like playing with my hands arghhh. there were 2 pictures of me being an angel in the skit. hahas i looked dumb. whatever.

i like the group photo taken in the auditorium the best. thats the only one which hm i looked normal bahs (:

hm gtg might be blogging again tmr cos might come online to check weekly horoscope so till there tata. jiayou for exams. jus 4 more days =)

hopefully i have time tmr to write encouragement postcards for my haojiemeis n brothers. let see first bahs.

life's not about dreaming but fulfilling the dreams.

failing once doesnt mean you will fail forever. (er thats for me. yea yea my maths ;p )



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