Thursday, October 13

exams are over.

yea exams are over. all over. maths, chinese, biology, chemistry, physics... all's over but my mood doesnt seem to be any better. sigh. i am really worried about my results. ya its a fact that everyone's worried about how well they have done but... nvm.

the maths paper 1 and 2 are already fatal enough to kill me. i am so utterly disappointed with myself. i am sure the teachers and my parents will be disappointed with me when the results are out. ohwells i shall try to cheer up and only only sink into misery and disappointment when the results are out and for your information, its not going to be too long before that happens. its only like 5-6 days away.

i was totally helpless when doing maths paper 2 jus now. i shant talk about the details but the paper is sure floppish. so i will most probably flop it. sigh then went to pp with yy, yl and twin. went to the food court to eat. i ate duck rice. after that went to mini toons and passed by sakae. hahas apparently all of them remembered that i have to treat them to it one day. after that wen t to the pet shop. saw this super cute labrador. its black and has puppy eyes. literally. it looked very sad. his friend was sold away i think. then there is another white terrier which are really cute too. i have this sudden liking for dogs and feel like having one as a pet. hmm i like white terriers. Those cute and furry ones. American or English cocker spaniels too. especially those with brown fur. My cousin bought one a few years ago. Very lovable dog. I wonder how it is now.

hmm i like labradors now after seeing that doggie at the pet shop. it stared and moved towards me... ok although we were separated by the cage and the glass panel. but still it stared at me. then there is this unexplainable affinity between it and me. hahas

every morning when i do morning duty at the main gate, there is this lady who will walk past with her dog which is super cute. ok CUTE. it is chubby aka fat la. brown in colour and has short legs. then as it walks, it will like shake its butt. Very cartoon-like and adorable. kawaii des!!

shopped at pp for a while only cos very bored. then i took bus 135 to singapore post then went to shop. theres nothing there oso but i just went for fun lorhs.

i am tired and feel like sleeping le. might be going to yy's hse tmr to watch movie. yayy haojiemeis's get-together time! wanted to go escape theme park initially. but too little ppl go not fun de. so another time perhaps.

i want to go shopping and watch lotsa and lotsa of movvviiiieeeeee. i still owe peiyu her birthday present. hmmm maybe i shall catch a movie with her during one of the marking days. and now that the exams are over, i am really really determined to shed some kilos. ok i noe. its like i have been on and off diets. gaining and losing weight. but the exam period was really stressed so lotsa snacking. yups. i really hope that my diet will be successful this time. this shall be a challenge for me.

angel with a reverie.


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