Wednesday, August 24

advanced monthly allowance

hm today is a relatively fun day i guess. Listened to my horoscope on the radio this morning. Gemini's luck for today is not bad and actually considerably good. hehes. then also have 4-star ren yuan.

cecilia finally came to school today. she was absent for the past two days if i am not wrong. she got a sore eye. poor thing. get well soon kaes (:

went to comp lab for cme. had to do this SEM survey at the but there wasnt enough computers in that comp lab we went too so a few of us. actually more than ten, went to comp lab 2 to 'borrow' the comp. then did the survey. gosh there were like 81 questions? majority about curriculum. some on ccas and aesthetics and a few on student leaders.

after doing the quiz, honey and i looked at the inspirations laminated cards on the board behind us. there was this card with a rainbow and titled efforts. It goes: take the extra mile then blah blah blah go the second mile blah blah blah pot of gold. aiya i cant remember. but its really meaningful.

then there is this other card which i really like too. Its a picture of an eagle then below it is a caption: you are not born to blah blah blah like the chickens but to soar into the sky like an eagle. shucks my memory's getting really dorts.. ahh

eh anyway i was waiting desperately for the bell to ring as the next period is PE. had no idea why mr siva wasnt present but we played volleyball as usual. i was on the same team as jh, wt, yh, zm etc. We were standing at the side where jm, wj and nicholas were playing basketball and i was super paranoid about getting hit by the basketball. argh. phobia bahs. somemore i not wearing contacts so if ball hit me then gonecase u noe. to be specific, my spects.

zm and yh kept training jelly to surf the volleyball then jh appeared to be super stressed. I tried twice. the first time was totally directionless. the second time was slightly better but still magnitude no direction. yes i am going to practise practise and practise. hm i gave a rather good catch once laa. but but i think right, hmm i still prefer basketball very much to volleyball lehs. i dunno why. i mean its jus my interest? was quite tempted to play basketball but i dun wan to be extra laa >.<

so played vball till bell rangs then mr ho shooed us back to classroom. Next was LA. Got back our test on violence. I passed by a few marks. I guess theres no need to be specific abt this laa. ask me if you wan to noe.

then mdm nora went through allegory of the cave, the world of the matrix and erh twelfth night? all the ignorance and enlightenment things. Then we had a discussion on writing a script based on the theme 'love'. yay my favourite theme ever. I write fanfics de kaes. dun play play. but now never write le. No time. No inspirations. then we were telling each other love stories we read. YY, YL, SM and me. told them about the leaf tree wind story, as well as the story i heard over the radio during music diary.

talking about that i want to emphasize that people who go around cheating feelings are not worth others remembering and thinking about. Translated into Chinese, dao chu liu qing de ren shi bu zhi de ren jia liu lian de.

sorry for digressing. during discussion i suddenly started singing SHE's 'yes i love you' I have fallen in love with this song ever since i heard it over the radio during music diary. yes AGAIN. i am so in love with music diary cann. So nowadays if you see my mouth moving and some squeaky sounds coming out of my mouth, you will know i am singing that song. lalala.

Our discussion resulted in a blank piece of foolscap. as well as a wasted one. thnks for jingles. erhem! She wrote a love story on food. LOL actually there were some significances but thats for us to know and for you to guess and not ask. teehee.

Went to canteen for recess. Something very interesting happened and that kinda spoilt my appetite or rather caused my rate of eating to decelerate. Dont get me wrong. Its nothing bad. It is actually something quite lame but interesting laa. I mean it kinda added some colours into my boring school day. So well jh and i were queueing at the western stall and both of us bought white spaghetti. Then jh was talking to zhao mi as i was struggling to hold the two plates of spaghetti. My skill of balancing is certainly not that great. And i am pretty sure that i looked pretty comical holding the two plates. Then finally jh went to take the spoons and forks and we settled down at an empty table with sm and clar. Then the interesting thing happened. I passed a fork and spoon to jh and was preparing to eat when... jh showed me that her spoon was twisted. YES! It is twisted at the neck, maybe with some people who are super violent or possess some kind of well magic power? But it was really very funny. When she told and showed me her unique spoon, i had just put a spoonful of spaghetti into my mouth. And when i saw the spoon, i started laughing and had to cover my mouth to prevent myself from spitting out the noodles. I think my face blushed rather badly and clar was rather shocked by my over-exaggerated reaction. LOL i couldnt swallow the noodles as i was laughing. And i cant spit it out either or it wld just be so super duper disgusting. argh. hahas then as we were eating i kept reminding jh of the spoon. She had difficulty holding it. Cos it was twisted in this awful funny manner. ahh poor jh. i offered to switch spoon with her you noe. but if i am the one using that unique spoon i may just be laughing the whole time and not eat at all. argh and no doubt. thanks to jh's special spoon and the endless laughters, i was the last to finish eating.

I dont know why but i seem to eat rather slowly nowadays. i cant seem to finish my breakfast in the morning on my dad's car. maybe his driving speed increases or my eating speed decreases. Anyway that doesnt matter and i dont care either.

after recess was physics. jm's grp did their presentation. I guess it was pretty well done. quite informative and stuff yeps. after that mrs har got abit angry. then continued with her lessons on moments. then sm started asking me how to make her mouth into this funny shape like goldfish moving their mouth in the fish tank. clar and i can move our mouth with that shape. but sm cant. so she seemed pretty amazed. hahas. this might sound kinda difficult to understand but you can ask for demonstration if you really are that interested.

after physics was maths. mr helmi asked the four of us how are we feeling today. hahas. maths lessons are getting really interesting and nicer and easier to understand nowadays. i probably belong to the world of trigonometry and only get to realise this now. ohwells. now better than never. hope that i will continue to copy this well. yipppees.

after school drew graphs for chem practical with dataloggers and tidied chem file. ms loh came in for bio and i forgot to bring one bio ws she was going through. i thought i lost it for good but thank goodness. i found it in another folder next to my computer. i just tidied my file yesterday and had divided all the different worksheets into the different subjects and placed them in individual folders and into a big folder. wow a sense of pride and achievement. teehee. neat and tidy. yayy

after biology was chinese. Had combined lesson with 3I at the avt. listened to lectures by xls and finally watched hong lou meng. i havent really started on the book. thats why i was kinda blur with all the characters etc. the film was not bad except that those ladies were rather mean to that old grandma. argh. bully her.

jh kept niaoing me during chinese. you good, jelly!! i am going to eat lotsa you. hahas. went back to class after chinese. then tidied chem prac file and handed in. i got fed up with all corrections-doing and graph-plotting etc etc. never tidy file at the last minute. ap-ness will find you.

after that we rushed downstairs for LA filming. I speed-walked downstairs to buy food. aw i was super hungry. saw nigel and amelia at the stall and nigel was saying something lame. hahas. then went to the vending machines area to look for jess, jelly and sm. urm there was something happening over there at that time. I am not going to specify nor elaborate about it. but i just want to say harmony breeds prosperity (: was rather traumatized by what happened. hahas.

went to volleyball court and started filming. my volleyball is not destined to be a volleyball. it was so pumped of air that it bounces as high as a basketball!!! yes. was so tempted to shoot it into the net lorhs. i miss basketball. jess brought hers but she left it in the classroom. aww. and can you believe it. i surf the ball in perfect magnitude and direction and OVER the net when we were filming. were fooling around then so we played two vs two, full court. hahas so cool. but its like such a miracle. maybe i have some talent at vball too bahs ;)

we filmed for around 1 hour then sm and jh hafta go. then we went to the canteen to get our bags and jh and i headed to the foyer. saw jm and dyl. apparently jus dismissed from tt. dyl crapped some nonsense hahas but he is super comical. in some ways laa. then jh's dad came and i was all alone at the foyer. then my dad finally came and on the way home i am (: shared my fried wanton with my dad and mom and they said that its yummy and wanton-licious. LOL left two for my brother. but dunno whether is it in his belly now or somewhere in the dustbin laa. whatever.

so yups well. hmm. i think i better get started on the trigo ambiguous questions and maths reflection. and not forgetting the copying of answers for the bio worksheet i forgot to bring to school today.

btw jh just told me a bad news. some of the shopping scenes for LA were gone. I think the scenes overlapped with today's vball scenes. grrrr. but fortunately some of the scenes which i dont want to take again are not deleted. LUCKILY. and whatever we are going to complete this LA project and pass it, hopefully together as a group. And one thing's for sure, i am working out a schedule tonight or tmr for the filming this weekend argh! wish me, no, us luck. and lotsa it. thanks alot. your kindness is appreciated.

ohya the carnival at pp last saturday was a blast. LOL it was not exactly what i had in mind but the space were constrained cos it was in the shopping mall, outside giant. not bad laa. i bought a heart shape balloon for 5 bucks. and it is still alive and in the arms of my pooh and erh that small chicky which was one of my vdae presents this year.

yy and yl caught guppies and gave to nicholas. Yl and i did henna on our left hands as well and i am pretty disgusted by it these few days. my henna was acompanied by this transparent plaster on the finger beside the pinky. i cut it accidentally and it has been covered with a plaster for the past 3 days. hm i am waiting for the day the henna will disappear happily from my left hand. ohwells.

dunman high people were very supportive of the minds carnival. pp was practically filled with dhs ppl all over. yay. half of 3j were there i think. yayy.

i think i better get going. bye~


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