Wednesday, August 31

continued from previous post

kaes i am back hm i shall continue from my previous previous post on teachers' day celebration in dhs. the part on daniel and his friends dancing away. zhiwei and er wei chien oso up there laa. then erh wei chien was the 'batman' then he was the star of the dance lorhs. actually nothing much to elaborate on the dance. jus that its super duper entertaining and funny, cracked the whole school up. then the last part of the dance was quite so called the impressive. they pretended to bow but were intending to tie their shoelaces. quite unexpected har. but the effectt was there. then after the dance they invited teachers up on stage to dance with them. Mr Ang, Mr Lu, Ms Loh and Ms Pear plus some other teachers were invited. Then Mr Lu danced until very cute. Mr Ang too. All the teachers were enthusiastic. yups. teachers' day mahhh >.<

then erm that last part of the concert was a performance by the teachers. Mr Ang played the guitar, Mrs Phua played the keyboard, Mr Yeo (issit?) played the drums. Ms Loh, Ms Yeo and another teacher sang. One teacher played the harmonica then another teacher played the keyboard too. Altogether there were 3 songs sang. First was 'If we hold on together...' the atmosphere was kinda tensed then. yq, sm, yl and i tried to sway our arms and stuff but to no avail. so ya. second song was 'dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui'. and and. Mr Loh sang the song!! His vocal very nice lehs!! niceee (: then we started to stand up and put our arms around each other and swayed to the song. yipppeeess. 3J class spirit (: i think the guys swayed too eh. hahas.

third song was dunno called young ones arh? its an old song but the lyrics are very meaningful. then danced abit of retro dancesteps with shumin but very embarrassing. After that went back to class to get food stuff for party. Then i continued writing the cards for the teachers. Then went to the canteen for partaye. But the space was quite constrained cos its in the canteen. I prefer it to be held in the zheng xin yuan. Anyway all of us brought a lot of food this year. yayy. karped a pizza. Thanks Eileen (: then shared the sandwiches i brought. the cheese kinda melt alittle and its veh nice. there was overwhelming positive response. hahas. then ate the cucumber and sausages etc. Nice nice. yummy =) then went around giving presents to the teachers. the whole school was in party mood. Ohya jess and i got tricked by the sec1s, cushka to be specific. They 'kindly' treated us to pringles. and you noe what they added like so much of pepper to the pringles and my lips had this burning sensation for a long time. argh. not forgetting my mouth was painful from the inflating of balloons that morning ohwells. april fool- me.

after that went back to class to get bag and i continued to write my cards then put in the teachers' lockers then i took cab to aljunied mrt with shumin. it was quite late le so yups. saw leong hwee then we went to look for mrs chia. then most of the teachers were not around as there's teachers' contact time on every wednesday. this has been a tradition since my days in primary school. awww i miss the old times.

then waited at the foyer till mrs tok came out during the lunch break from the meeting. chatted with her. She didnt change, still the same mrs tok i used to know and respect and still do. I will never forget the motivation and guidance she gave during my psle year.

then alvin tan, my classmates in p1 and 2 came then lh and him went to look for mrs wang. Erh very long never see him le. actually lost contact with him till i saw him today. taller but still looked the same bahs. then we tried to go to the hall to look for teachers when mr chan shooed us off to the canteen. then three of us decided to play hide and seek with him so we went up to the classrooms by another staircase. there are like so many staircases, practically uncountable. then very fun lorhs. i almost walked towards the hall with mr chan standing there without knowing that. then they reminded me and we ran away LOL.

then waited outside the staffroom for the teachers' meeting to end. and finally saw ms tong ah (: saw chan huiyi, liqing, huiying, syeyuet and julia from 6ch02, koktong, hannah, tabitha etc from other classes. Saw Wayne and Wei Qiang. They were looking for Mrs (Patricia) Ng. Ohya saw kathleen oso. Then we waited outside the staffroom for almost like eternity lorhs. then some boliao ppl arh sitting opposite me then took out his camera and started taking candid shots of me when i was reading lime mag and listening to my caihongyanlei >.< meanie. the shots are not nice kaes but thanks for sending them to me. heee.

then erh kathleen and i went to makan lunch in the canteen with authorised permission from Miss Wong yayy. I bought chicken noodles from the lou mee stall and ribena from the quench stall. kathleen bought rice and mashed potato from the indian stall. ate and chatted. nursyahidah came to look for us. She was holding this photograph taken during prefect workshop in the beginning of this year. I previously saw the photo on the prefect board during the game of hide and seek with mr chan. hehe. the photo is a group photo. but i think i looked quite funny inside. then tried to find mrs soh so that i can pass her her teachers' day present and get the photo from her. heee. then finally got to see and talked to her abit with her sticking her head out of the conference room. they were having some really serious meeting or stuff. yups she said she asked rachel to pass the photo to me.

today is a fruitful day. got to visit the teacher and chatted with them. there were quite a number of new teachers. although i dunno them, i still smiled and greeted them with a 'happy teachers' day' when i saw them around. hm after that went home. it was already 3 plus. then slacked and tidied room for LA filming.

Then jh, sm, jess and ct came. and the filming started. the first scene for today was my single scene and the second scene in the film if i am not wrong. It was a warm up for me bahs. aiya suibian pai lorhs. then filmed filmed until the crying scene!! ahhh. that part was terrible. my room was in a chaotic state hahas with all the props scattered all over. then my eyes were dry. no tears. no redness. jh they all tried scolding me but that only made me laugh. then they created this very quiet and dark environment for me to watch tonghua's mv but this time i didnt cry. perhaps cos there wasnt sadness inside of me. then finally jh reminded me of wad dyl did when i went to his class to look for tingxu on monday. his reaction to the smell of cologne was well interesting~ yeah. hahas. then i started laughing and the tears were formed. this scene was quite long then we ng for many times cos forgot script and wrong timing etc.

there was one last scene after that and the filming lasted till 7 plus which is very late. my dad went for his workouts at his gym so he cant give them rides home. apologies ppl~ and they were impressed by my dad's muscular body and asking me how come i didnt go for workout with him. okae i am rounded. hahas

we watched the scenes taken and the ng takes were very very funny. ohya for the crying scene, shumin suggested wearing my contacts so that my eyes would appear watery. thats why i wore the contacts and i lazy to take out so jus wear it for the scene. yuppps. hm

today is a happy day~ whee. except that i only managed to catch a little part of my music diary story. its ok. its alright. hahas. filming is nicee~~ and it's a total success.

we are left with 3 scenes and they will be completed on friday and editing will then start on friday and hopefully completed on saturday. wish us luck. all's going well. we have good actress and best of all, an excellent cameraman. trust me, no no, trust us, chongthee is a very pro cameraman/director.

i am tired. tomorrow will be a day of piaing for geog. wish me luck and yes i need lotsa it. thanks. and smile always kaes (:


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