Wednesday, August 31

happy teachers' day~

there was teachers' day celebration in dhs. couldnt wake up in time to make sandwiches for the party cos i got so carried away with making of cards and wrapping of presents last night that it went right past midnight and almost 2am. argh. but lucky i have my mommy to help me. i told her to try to roll the sandwich+ cheese+ ham into something like swiss roll but she said that its impossible as the bread and cheese and ham wld crack. ohwell. so its still the normal type of mini sandwiches in the end. so sad! no swiss roll sandwiches heehee. too bad >.<

i managed to listen to my horoscope for the day on the way to school. when i got downstairs and into the car, my dad told me that the first section of horoscope was already over, but fortunately gemini was in the second section and it said that today my luck cld be considered quite good except that i wld have difficulties working with some people and might have to face some reality or stuff. i cant really remember but thats abt it. my lucky colour is orange (yayys) and lucky number 7.

had this funny tasting hot dog bun for breakfast. I was too tired to be tempted by the sandwiches for the party laa. Reached school then started signing the cards i made last night. i made the cards but i had no time to sign it. So oh well. then we were very late for flag raising but actually i didnt even go down to the parade square cos the meihui and hengjie grabbed me halfway to inflate balloons for the celebration party later. Yes and so i started inflating the balloons with my carbon dioxide with shue ling early in the morning. i think i inflated hm 3 in all. then there were balloons bursting but my screams werent stimulated, surprisingly.

went down to the canteen with masking tape and scotchtape to tie the balloons to the pillars. we kinda cheated cos the raffia string wasnt long enough. and suddenly one balloon burst and it was so loud and something LOUD followed almost immediately after it and that of cos was my scream. it was so embarrassing and shue ling reminded me that that was a LOUD scream ohgosh. and obviously i was the only one who screamed. wow.

then a second balloon burst and i screamed again. maybe softer this time. but i was still the only one who had screamed since there were only shue ling, colin, li li and me in the canteen. ohwell. and finally when a third balloon burst, i DID NOT scream. yayy immune to the bursting of balloons finally but i think it wouldnt stay for long.

went up to the hall for the concert. the performances were really nice and entertaining. the retro dances in retro costumes were really eye-opening. lol and not forgetting the stars of today, the teachers, they were dressed in retro clothing too. Mrs Tan BK looked really cute in her red dress. Ms Yeo looked pretty. Mr Har looked cool. In all, the teachers looked marvellous. Totally retro (:

then there was this particular performance where daniel and his friends danced some super funny and dumb dance about batman dancing. oh wait, before that eds did their dance and i think the dance is super nice nehh. and the costumes. woohoo~ kaes back to the batman dance. erh the guys were wearing those plastic masks which are common sights at er pasar malam? ya then they were dancing away...

gosh i need to fetch shumin and others from the mrt station for LA filming so thats all for now. i will continue about the concert and party later kaes tata later~


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