Wednesday, August 31

yayy LA filming a success

yayy LA filming today was a success and yes its a total success this time though there were some obstacles. well i shall talk about that later. something bad just happened. that teddy bear hp keychain which yy and yl gave me on valentine day just attempted suicide. there was a bowl of water and contact lens solution on my table due to reasons regarding filming and i was about to remove it one or two minutes later when the mini teddy bear just jumped or no. dropped into the bowl of water. it is currently on my printer and being air dried. LOL this is lame but whatever. i am happy (: very happy =) no more tears. no more anxiety. and NOT that stressed anymore. and one last conclusion:

friends are the rainbow of my life;
and it is proven that they will be the rainbow which will accompany my tears- cai hong yan lei (this conclusion is drawn from our LA film)

and yea i hafta go for dinner and so yea more details on teachers' day celebration in dhs, visiting the teachers in gmps as well as the LA filming later, provided that i will not be too tired to type teeheehee. stay tune and keep your finger crossed but in the meantime, remember to smile (:


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