Thursday, August 18

havent blog for around five days. sorry about that. 3 words: busy busy busy. hehehes.

hmm i cant really remember what happened the past few days. yups short term memory again. But i think i will just highlight some of the more interesting and meaningful stuff which happened this week. and whoa tomorrow's friday, marking the end of a week of schooldays. what can i say. time flies.

monday - went for cip at konghwa. was late for reporting at the foyer. tutoring the juniors there was pretty cool and fun. Some of them are studious while the others are just playful but still intelligent kids. They are all in primary 5 and primary 6. My brother's in p5. I remembered when i was in p5, hm my life pretty much consisted of prefect's duty, taking the mini bus to gmps situated at tanjong katong rd at that time. doing love nugget monthly and latecomers duty. ohya. my brother was in p1 at that time. little irritating boy. hahahas. hmm ohya i had short hair at that time if i am not wrong. for the last term i cut my hair. hahas. p6 was very much the same but more remedials and extra lessons. changed mini bus. hmm frequent visit to the library with my buddies... and craze over mvp valentine. when psle finally came, well stressful period duh. after that, had class chalet then went escape theme park. fun and memorable time spent. i miss the old times.

gosh. that was alot of digressing har. kaes back to secondary school.

tuesday- took bus 158 with wan ting, yi ling, jh and peiyu. went to paya lebar with jh. we were heading towards tampines to buy the poster board from popular there. then when we passed the paya lebar mrt station, jh then said the popular at singapore post got sell so we alighted at eunos and switched to the opposite train and went to paya lebar popular. paid for the boards then went for lunch at the food court. ate lemon chicken with chicken rice. then when ordering right, i prounced the words wrongly then the auntie started telling me to speak more mandarin cos i am yellow skin so must know how to speak mandarin fluently then jh kept laughing. that auntie thot i came from english-speaking family lorhs. i speak mostly mandarin to my mom and brother, english to my dad and hokkien to my grandma. yayy i love hokkien. hahahas. then makan hm wanted to buy bubble tea from rocky de then decided not to. hey lemon chicken is already alot of calories you know!! then jh took 2 boards home and i took 2 home. walked to the other side and took bus 155 home. i looked funny with the big plastic containing the boards laa. but who cares.

listened to music diary at 8pm. Took my zen and recorded the session for the first time ever since i started listening to music diary. the story that day was really touching. the girl in the story confesses her feelings to the guy, totally not bothering about her ego and pride. Its something like she and this guy have this buddy kind of relationship for a while then erh they were definitely more than friends but the guy didnt ask her to be her gf or anything. but he gave her a really touching birthday present and they talked on the phone almost everyday. then that girl is going to leave singapore soon so she decided to confess and hopefully get a reply from the guy before she leaves singapore. awww sounds like another typical leaf wind tree story har. hahas

wednesday- pe was volleyball yayy. was playing with jh until mr siva came. then he started playing vball with us. Jh and i suffered from a bad case of maluness. but i think i had a good hit once. yipppes then got dragged into the team with peixin, geokjoo and jessalyn. then ya played versus yuhan's team. whoa i got to hit the ball a few times but its like super malu lorhs. of all the hits, only one hit was good. but it has magnitude but no direction. booo. it went out. then i muttered quite a number of sorry-s during the game laa. ahhh.

did LA quiz on Twelfth Night in our LA group. think we showed some group spirit this time round and managed to complete the quiz in time. i was in charge of writing the answers. hehes. after LA was recess. went to buy ice cream. I bought raspberry icecream while yl and jh bought the strawberry one. hmmm yummy but the ice cream is abit too soft? correct term used? hehes but it still rawks laa. raspberry icecream always rawks. ate kings' ice cream with chocolate bits at home. Wanted to get a second helping but reminded myself. Ice cream is equivalent to C A L O R I E S... CALORIES!! Especially when i already ate a scoop in school. And i am glad i was able to resist that temptation of the ever so ice-cream-licious ice cream (:

watched jue dui superstar after listening to music diary. awwww junyang rawks!!! totally impressive and its pretty obvious that he will win and emerge as the superstar laa. from the dialogues of the judges telling him what he should do during the performance at singapore indoor stadium, the results are like expected? And he rawks when he sings 'if you come back' by blue. he totally rawks and melts my heart when he sang 'tong hua'!!!! ahhhh so handsome in that white coat. ahhh. my prince charming. too bad he's taken. hahas. but he is too old for me la. weilian was good too. but i think he was too nervous and maybe cos he was sick. but weilian rawks too. yups dont be discouraged kaes. i have been watching jue dui super star since the first round then after a few rounds i stopped watching. then started watching again on wednesday becos wj said the song they were assigned to sing was tonghua. for today the girls round, they will be singing yi shi de mei hao by angela chang. i think kelly will win. shi xin hui is good and impressive in her own ways. but the four of them are really champions already to get into the top 4. yuppps cheers for them!

and tada finally today. hm completed biology poster and handed in. Yippees another task off my list. I always love thursdays and fridays. and maybe wednesdays cos theres pe. why thursday. cos theres only one lesson of maths. hahas not that i detest maths that much. but sometimes maths can be so brain-tiring. anyway trigo is pretty much understood by blur me. thank god. and erm next is geog. 2 periods. geog is always interesting esp when ms pear is always there to hm bring laughters to us. hahahas. it is a joy to have jelly sitting beside me and of cos i didnt forget to miss shumin during geog lesson while she is at her history class (: after geog is erm chem practical. ah ha. i love chemistry and of cos i have to like its practical too right? heee. then recess after which is LA. yay combined lectures means i get to see py. but the note taking are tiring for my poor hand. esp after i banged my right index finger against my table for some unknown reasons. I cant find any bruise on it. uh oh internal injury = ( LOL

after LA wld be chinese and yups combined lectures. yayy. combined chinese lectures arent that bad laa. and after school theres no cca or anything so yayy i love thursday.

why i love friday. cos first period is pe!! next wld be LA. same stuff yups except that we are all sweaty and sticky. hahas. after LA is CSP. kaes maybe i am not really looking forward to that but but still i think an lao shi is nice. and i always seem to entertain myself and jh during csp at the bsp room. LOL. after csp is recess then geog. yups. then lunch and art club. yayy. love art club to bits lo. the bond between us shall never be broken wheee.

ohkae so today ya had maths for first period. i forgot to do the maths homework assigned yesterday and to bring my A maths textbook. Unfortunatley ppl around me didnt bring too. the book is so big and bulky mahs. after maths was geog. listened to miss pear for about three-quarter of the 2 periods before she left us to do our grp work. discussion was quite ok except that i was quite blur about what to do. grrr.

after geog was chem prac. did titration prac with jh and zhaomi. i was in charge of copying the ph value of the solution, jh in charge of dripping the acid into the beaker and zhaomi in charge of stirring. at one point of time i became blur and asked jh to drip 5 cubic centimetres of acid into the beaker instead of 0.5. sorry laa. was sotongish at that time cann. Despite my blurness, our results recorded was accurate yayy.

then went around copying results for the other sets. cecilia was veh niao hahas so was i. had a good time laughing at erh others' misfortune. =X anyway after chem went to classroom and did chem. got back chem test. passed. lucky. cant afford to fail chem. hehes.

then went to buy chinese textbook and photocopied registration forms for csc. i have erh 4 forms with me right now. Look for me to get the forms and i dun think i am going to photocopy anymore. yups so ya.

after recess went to AVT for LA. ya note taking. poor hand. and i did not bring twelfth night to school today. brought macbeth instead. boooo!! argh. cos i brought twelfth night to school almost every day then never use so switched to macbeth then mr ken started teaching about the text. ahhh.

after LA did the survey on nuts. then chatted outside LT/AVT before jls came for chinese lecture. niaoed jh then in the end i kanna niaoed. argh. chinese was ok. and i am finally comfortable with having my own textbook to refer to. that 'chuang wai' text was touching. that person was a meanie lorhs. so selfish and entertained such evil thoughts.

after school dismissal went to hand in poster to ms loh then took bus home with py. there were alot of people at the bus stop and guess what. py and i managed to get seats at the back of the bus. yipppes. started talking about jue dui superstar and what a rocker junyang is. must support him hor. cos he rawks. candyce has good taste, thats a fact (:

gonna sort out the songs in my zen now. tata.


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