Saturday, August 13

carnival at marina/La filming

ohyea i am here to blog. wanted to blog yesterday but i was too tired to do so and even to watch the lavender vcds i borrowed from yuhan. And i think i disappoint Yi Ling. Hahas sorrie laa. told her to check my blog yesterday after the carnival.

ya we went to the carnival at marina bay yesterday after school. it was cca day so early dismissal then discussed abt LA stuff with jh in the canteen. Drank green tea wid lemon or sth like that. It's nice. Like it alot. Ate two kit kats. gosh i am guilty. argh. after that went to the foyer to assemble. another niaoing session. Then chatted for a while before boarding the bus and off to the carnival.

Kept chatting and laughing with jh, yl and eileen on the bus. Then reached marina bay after a while. The bus journey was quite short. hm then almost couldnt recognize the place we flew kite at during cls gathering. LOL it was different. hopefully it will return to its original appearance after the carnival so that we can film our LA there next saturday =)

so we went looking at the trucks and vehicles. Went into one to sit. haha then sat for a while before getting out to let the pri sch kids get in. And the kids are from GMPS girls brigade. My juniors!!! Very very very young juniors. fine laa i am old.

Saw Miss Chee. One of the teacher in charge of girls' brigade. Didnt greet her cos i dun think she will recognize me. I mean i withdrew from gb during p5 and switched to maths club then i am sec 3 now. aiya she confirm wont remember me jiu shi le. But i remember her... she was a really nice teacher and i am sure she is still nice (:

after awhile we decided to go to the kids central village. Walked a long way to the bus stop and took bus 400A. My legs were aching. and i was super tired. Finally reached the kids village then saw all the theme park rides. And we happily exchanged tokens for the bumper car ride. Cecilia, sl, yl and eileen each took a bumper car. While i got into one with Jh. and of cos i was the driver bwahahas. jh was in a rather dangerous situation. I have no license. muwahahs.

then we started bumping the cars lorhs. i had no idea how to put on the seat belt at first. Eh i veh long nv play this le. hehe then i didnt noe how to drive the car too. But well it was fun. there were students from the other schools. but its a sad thing that the ride was quite short. we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. next we went on the 'music dance' thingy. It looked fun and thrilling. me and jh got into one of the seats or wadever you call it. then the ride started. i was so worried that my contact lens would fly out and into some place where it lives happily ever after with the muddy rainwater. LOL so i was covering my eyes with my right hand and gripping onto the handle thingy with my left hand. I was already screaming by then. the ride got faster and faster and faster and of cos my screaming got louder and louder and louder! then tears started rolling down my cheeks LOL ya la. due to laughing and screamin at the same time. but the ride was really getting faster and faster then our skirts all started flying UP. and there were ppl taking photos with their hp camera according to cecilia. wah wads so nice to see... then i screamed to jh, 'zou guang le!' LOL then ya i was screaming all the while. and the last part jh banged her head onto the thing we were sitting in and my arm hit the thingy too. theres a greyish-green bruise on it now.

jh said i was screaming CONTINUOUSLY throughout the ride. wow my screaming skills not bad eh. sl and cecilia saw tears rolling down my cheeks and niaoed me. LOL it was really very funny. I felt giddy after the ride. after effects. ah.

oh no. i miss out the most exciting part of this carnival. when we reached the kids village, someone from kids central came to talk to us but i didnt hear wad she said. was playing with the balloons i got. in fact all of us were holding balloons. then we followed her into the shelter area. oh its the hamtaro show. there were only a few kids with their parents. then we settle down and hamtaro and his/her friends started coming out. super super super ULTRA cute! then they danced the hamtaro dance. hamtaro was dancing you know!!! then they looking for ppl to go up and learn the dance. and you know what. THAT GUY PICKED YI LING. hahahas. then we started clapping and screaming.

then she kept playing with hammie on the stage. took a photo of her with my hp. ultimate blurness. argh should have brought my camera. then the dance started. yl looked super cute up there. hahas. potential dancer. then hamtaro and friends dun wan to go back they wan to dance somemore. there was this percussion guy who went up to dance. BRAVO. then that same guy AGAIN came down the stage and headed towards us, students of dhs, and asked yl to nominate one of her friends to go up and dance. uh no. not nominate. is SABO. then i was looking away and praying really hard that yl DONT sabo me. and FOR GOODNESS SAKE. SHE DID!!!! and i went up the stage reluctantly. boooooo. then danced lorhs. i bet i look funny. that percussion guy standing some distance beside me laa. but didnt see him dancing. was looking at the kids central lady on my right and following her dance steps. i think i looked super funny and idiotic on the stage. argh. cecilia took a photo of me. booo. ohkae. no more comments on this. such a tui lian incident. ALL THANKS TO YI LING >.< LOL

yups that was before the carnival rides. then the rides we went home. we took the mrt heading towards the wrong side. cos we followed cecilia when she was heading towards bishan and we towards pasir ris. hahahas. but it was a fun day. yups really. not inclusive of that embarrassing incident.

as for today we did filming. it was ohkae. at least we managed to film sth so it was a success but there were some pretty ERHEM things today which i dun wan to mention here. yups but the filming is really going on well. took neoprints. and ate mac. uh oh another sin. and a second blueblack appeared on my right wrist after playing volleyball today. but didnt film cos jess wasnt there yet. then we kept playing bball with the vball. i still think i love bball more than vball. call me tomboyish. whatever >.<

then went to bugis. and after that called my dad to fetch me home. i was tired and super warm. perspiring like crazy. cos i was wearing a jacket. ahhh.

i have 5 blueblacks on my leg and arm. one on my foot cos i knocked into the chair at mac while coming out. ouch. two on my wrist. one nearly to my palm. the veins appear to be quite bluish too. OH NO. but its ohkae. i am still playing vball for pe next week. i dun care. who cares (:

fourth blueblack on my upper arm. the one i got from the 'music dance' ride. its greyish-green. unless i am colour blind. the fifth blueblack's on my knee. dunno where i get from de. nowadays more prone to hurting myself and falling sick i guess. last night had a terrible flu. now feel abit feverish. oh no. sheesh. but who cares. hahas certainly not me.

btw dropped my contact lens this morning. couldnt find it. asked mom to help to find it then she nagged as she looked for it. in the end realised it was between the gaps on my chair. smarty me. bwahahas

ohkae thats abt it. btw theres cip for the selling of donation tickets for the minds tmr. pls go and help if you are free. registration time is between 9 to 11. its all for a good deed and it all comes from the heart (: there are altogether 5 stations. pls ask me for more details.

gonna call jh now. bye. ppl, tag kaes.

watched love and again just now. veh nice show. veh nice and significant and meaningful ending. love the show. watched lavender disc one. whoa that young leo is so cute and mature in thinking. very cool lehs. so caring for yixun. awwww.


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