Wednesday, August 10

astrology- how true

daily overview for Aug 10

Quickie:Sometimes making plans with friends is the fun part. Keep up the chitchat.

Overview:Better make sure your camera is in good working order, because you're going to want a record of the amazing and lovely things that are going to happen to you right now. Got batteries?

> gosh how true can this get. i am charging my camera for tomorrow's LA filming LOL

Daily extended forecast for Aug 10
You excel at beginnings, but when it comes to seeing things through 'til the end, you may need a little help. Team up with a likeminded buddy or coworker -- one who shares a similar outlook but a different skill set would be perfect -- and see if the two of you can't combine forces to make things come out just right. What's most important is that at the end of this day's hard work, you make sure that you both get the credit

> this is true too. my sistas all share similar outlook with me but possess different skills. juehui is smart and artistic. shumin is music talented. yi ling is calm and organized and music talented. yunyin sings. and as for me. I crap (:

Daily teen forecast for Aug 10
That negative side of you wants to stop you in your tracks today, but let yourself have fun instead. Maybe it's time to find a poem and sing it at the top of your lungs, or to rewrite the sad ending to a story. Lights, camera, action!

>this is so VERY true indeed! lights camera action... isnt that the taking care of our LA filming whoa~ lala

Daily overview for August 11
Quickie:Being 'nice' is what other people want you to do. So what do you want to do?

Overview:Think about how much great stuff your body does for you every single day. Now the question is, what are you doing to take care of it? Are you eating right? Exercising? Getting enough sleep?

> kaes. i shall be ultra nice to the people around me tomorrow. yea i am eating right. definitely. okae. i shall exercise and get enough sleep tomorrow (:

Daily extended forecast for Aug 11
Your mental acuity usually extends to a wide range of topics, but right now the stars are giving you the power to go for depth rather than breadth. You've got the ability to perceive layers of meaning and analyze the subtleties in a way that wasn't available to you before. Is there a work stalemate you need to move? A relationship you want to unblock? Make sure you use this newfound skill in areas that need it most.

> hmm newfound skills. relationship i want to unblock? got meh. lets see tmr

Daily teen forecast for Aug 11
Slow down and learn something new today. Whether it's economics or skateboarding, you can master something unusual if you keep someone else's needs in mind. Choose something worthwhile to focus on and go for it.

> yea i will try.

Weekly forecast for Aug 8
This isn't like you! You're usually such a smooth-tongued communicator, but on Monday you'll have to work extra hard to make yourself clear (especially with family members and others close to you). On Tuesday and Wednesday, you'll get you're your silver tongue back -- and others will line up just to get in on all the fun you're having. Don't be afraid to start something even if you have no intention of following through. Somebody else will pick up the ball. Starting on Thursday and on into the weekend, use your intelligence and insight to unearth hidden information. On Saturday and Sunday, you can guarantee a good time with some good old-fashioned teamwork.

> hmm sounds interesting. unearth hidden information? like what? (:

all in all this is the power of ASTROLOGY (",)


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