Thursday, August 11

wore-contact-lens day (:

yippees. Pin Guan's 'Teng Ni De Zhe Ren' is playing on fm 933 radio station now. Love the song to bits. Jus like 'Chi Xin Jue Dui'. Perhaps I would analyze the lyrics just like what i did one day if I could find the is a fun fun day. wheee yipppes. my eyes appeared to be rather small now. Yea I wore contacts to school today. And a few people thought that I broke my spects. eh do i look like i am that violent? Heee Actually i am laa but thats not the reason. Suddenly felt like wearing then jiu wear shuang lorhs LOL

so yea i woke up this morning and wore the contact lens. Still quite unsure if i should wear it to school for the first time in my life. Yes. i bought the contacts like 2 years ago. I do wear it occasionally but not so often. I wore it during CNY this year. And jh they all first seen me in contacts during the meeting for geog skit. Yups. And today tada is the first time i wore it to school. Was quite self conscious.

Dad fetched me to school as usual. When he was about to drive into the maingate, fm 933 radio station started reporting about the horoscopes. Kaes I know I am quite obsessed with fm 933 radio station. I just am kaes. Who cares. heee

Then the dj was talking about aries and taurus then FINALLY gemini. so i was like asking my dad to drive slower and try to finish listening to my luck for today as a geminian before getting out of the car. heee. Hmm my overall luck for today is 3-star. Not bad. Considered neutral. My love luck for today is 5-star. Same as Aries if i am not wrong. Yups but its not accurate. My lucky colour for today is yaaaa-low (yellow) and i forgot what is my lucky number.

After getting out of the car, I headed for the staircase at block b. the one beside 3I then when i finally reached my classroom, i saw shumin at the door so called her to come out to boost my confidence. hahas early morning so confidence level abit errrr you know. Then after awhile finally got used to MY classroom.

hmm first period was maths. got back maths test. I improved in maths though my marks is still not ideal. but its really good compared to my previous ones. yayy

after maths was geog. ms pear gave out notes and articles for us to read then she went for her course. So the two periods were very much used for chit-chatting and to be more specific gossiping and also discussion for LA.

next up is chemistry lesson. No practical. I am quite thankful. Cos wasnt really in the mood for practical. Kinda prepared myself for chemistry test. But mrs phua taught us how to find the molecular mass and molar volume etc. Did not return test papers. But she said the test was pretty badly done. UH OH.

Hmm recess was discussion for LA. No filming. Showed Peiyu the LA script. Then after that jason came into the clsrm and told us to collect the national day diary thingy. Went to the art room where art club always has our meeting. but there was nothing and no one there. Just a showcase of how messy the room is to everyone? oops =X

then smartypants jh suggested going to art room 2 and Miss Lai and Miss Devi were there. Carried the heavy stuff up to the classroom. Yup Girl Powerr (:

Watched this Reduced Shakespear Play or sth. Very humorous and abit lame. But its nice. My eyes were really tired. Got back chinese test papers during chinese. Erh i improved in my results too. Was quite surprised by my marks. I mean its like way beyond my expectation. =)

After dismissal, took bus home with peiyu. Walked out of the school and realised that it was drizzling slightly. Then saw bus 158 then we ran towards the bus. As I was about to reach the bus stop, i slowed down and looked at my shoes, thought my shoelace came off. Then i just banged my right arm into this metal thing which holds the poster for advertisement. YES OUCH. I was shocked. Peiyu was too. And i think there's a niceee blue-black bulge on my right arm now. BOOOO pain leh. Dun laugh kaes >.< i think the bump is gonna 'enlarge' if i play volleyball tmr. wow i am so excited hahas

on the bus, we decided to go and watch movie yayyy!! alighted at aljunied mrt then took the mrt to hmm bugis. bought tickets for charlie and the chocolate factory at 3pm then went for lunch at mac. We were served at mac you know. Its not self service. We were SERVED like in a restaurant. wow. hahas this nice auntie who talked to us about dunman high. I took the mac-chicken student meal while peiyu took the fillet-oh-fish. then ya i REMEMBERED to change the coke to ice lemon tea. i dun wan my water bottle to smell of coke or any soft drinks anymore. Never~ And i wldnt want to die of thirst.

Then hurried to the cinema. I couldnt find our seats. The lighting wasnt good cos the show was almost starting. phew. Almost... So we finally found our seats by counting the number of rows from the front. then settled down and the show started. yipppeee lucky didnt miss the beginning of the show.

the show ended at about erm 451pm. its a very nice movie, believe me. Charlie is very cute. Peiyu said Willy Wonka looked like Michael Jackson. LOL he looked kinda evil in the show. The devilish look. muhahas. the candies looked so candilicious!! yum yum but i wasnt tempted cos i just had my lunch remember? One must not give in to temptation at all time. hehe.

ohya Charlie's mother in the show is that lady who acted at Olivia in Twelfth Night but she looked much younger in TN. forgot to confirm with peiyu.anyway after movies we went to take neoprints. The neoprints turned out to be VERY NICE this time. So nice that we decided to take again after shopping for presents. I bought a bday present for Yuhan and a belated one for Ying Qing. Spent quite alot and am quite broke now. This time i am seriously broke. btw yuhan lent me the Lavender VCDs today. Hopefully i can watch during the weekend. yayyy.

ohya there is a coincidence. This morning i got to know through the radio that today is Qi Xi Qing Ren Jie. As in something like the Lunar Valentine Day. And the Lavender's VCD casing has this paragraph of synopsis. and its about Qi Xi Qing Ren Jie!! coincidence right? (: but its not significant :)

oops i digress. so ya shopped for presents then went back to take neoprints. Couldnt decide on which machines to use so we decided to take at the machine we used previously since it produced nice neoprints. We tried different effects this time and we were VERY satisfied with the neoprints too. The neoprints are really really very nice although i was wearing contacts. hahas. my eyes were quite red after coming out from the cinema. yups but lucky it wasnt reflected in the neoprints. bwahahas.

then took the mrt home. We almost couldnt get on the train and LUCKY and FORTUNATELY. history didnt repeat itself. PHEW.came home then ate dinner and watched tv. Then listened to music diary just now. The story caused me to reminisce some things and it didnt help when Fish Leong's 'Wo Xi Huan' was played over the radio. Tried to wake myself up to reality and i am assured that i am quite awoke now.

Chatted alot with Peiyu today as usual. then i kept talking about da dao li. I guess i have matured a little, in my thinking and judgement. here are some of the quotes i mentioned during our conversation just now. Do think about it.

My personal motto: In order to excel and do well in something, I have to enjoy and like what i am doing.

It's not the end results but the learning journey that matters most of all.

If you have the brains and intelligence and get good grades and all, whats the use if your personality is like zero?

Don't care about what others say. Believe in yourself and follow your heart.

People like to make comments. Negative or positive. Our lives just revolve around them. Be thankful for the positive comments but do not be proud. As for the negative comments, understand why people tell you that. And change for the better. then forget those comments but dont change for the worse.

And as for those comments which you think that its not constructive at all and people just say that cos they mouth itchy or becos they feel like niaoing you. Ignore them. Laugh and forget. Those are commonly classsified as the boliao comments. Like someone mentioned that i looked 'guai l*n' with contacts today. I just daoed that comment. Whatever. As long as i am happy. As long as i like it. I dont care.

last but not the least friends will always be there to accompany you through this life journey. You'll never walk alone.

I shall scan in the neoprints i took with peiyu another time. yups but they are really really nice (: think about whats written above. they might happen to make some sense but if theres is any violent objection, i would like to make a gentle reminder that this is my blog. I write what i like and think. So pls do not take any offence. Thank you.

This is how i am like. I have a certain view of life and its my view. This is my blog and I write whatever i deem fit. Thats the way i am. So ya, love me or hate me. But pls. no hate to love or love to hate. Cos thats TOO complicated for a complex person like me (: Accept me if not too bad lorhs >.< tata for now.

things can never be the same again.


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