Wednesday, August 10

community service

ohdear. my handphone battery low and its making that weird sound that it always makes when the battery is low. booo. and you noe what. that sound is irritating and unpleasant to the ears. LOL

yayy theres only one period of maths tomorrow. I dunno how to draw the linear law graphs lehs. uh oh. Maths.

hmmm seems like our LA film is turning out quite well. uh ya we havent start filming and i think i am gonna ruin the film by acting in it. lets wait and see. jh started on the storyboard. I completed the script. The story plot is half done and i shall try to complete it asap. Yups. Everything's going on pretty well. And i am praying real hard that it will remain like this till the film is finished. whee.

just saw the csc registration form in my folder. whoa i havent photocopy it for my peers and i WILL remember to do so tomorrow. Community service just rawks. Its all about making a difference and bringing happiness and joy to people around you as well as the less fortunate. and you will realise that its all worth it (:

anyone else interested in joining community service club in dunman high? yups. passion commitment service.

should i or should i not? - currently in a dilemma. i wont say anything abt my dilemma. you will find out tomorrow bahs. hahas. yups i am keeping mum.

hmmm tomorrow's gonna be another exciting day. i always love thursday and friday and weekend~ tada. after maths tmr there will be geog. geog is always interesting with yl and jh and of cos the lead- miss pear (: hopefully she wont ask mii to answer any question tmr =X

after geog is chemistry practical. yayy love practical. but i dun like titration!! why? cos the burette so long then i have to tip toe to see the reading. then you can see jh laughing at me. i know i should be like more zi zhi zhi ming or sth laa then put the retort stand with the burrette on the chair but but. what if i broke the burrette. cluminess is my personal trait? hahas for you info, i nearly broke a beaker during physics prac. i think it was during the experiment when we have to find the melting and boiling point of some substances. I scared like the few ppl around me lorhs, jh in particular. hahas. kaes. another reason why i dun enjoy titrating. becos i am the impatient type and i always try to release more acid into the conical flask. well to save time and to prevent myself from being frustrated. heeeeeee. thats why the liquid in my conical flask is always pinkkish red.

but maybe tmr dun have chem prac. cos mrs phua might be giving back our chem test. ahhhh HELP. i hope i didnt fail. i cant afford to fail chemistry cos i love chem to bits. and i love mrs phua (: the humourous yet stern teacher.

anyway after chem wld be recess and of cos the long-waited filming session for my LA grp. just realised that my volleyball is sorta deflated. argh. nvm there will be a way.

after chem is LA. wheeee. can see my darling peiyu (; hopefully i rmb to bring the postcard to AVT. After LA wld be Chinese and hopefully more MV watching. I want to watch yl's grp mv. hahas. yl is lead i think. whee.

gonna call peiyu now to ask for her help in our LA film. cya


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