Friday, July 8


i am currently left with like only 6 minutes to blog but ohwells. i guess i might jus as well not count down. life goes on well... gets pretty sarky at times though. like today when my brother kept making sarcastic remarks. argh.

anyway havent been blogging for a while. hm school's getting kinda boring. and almost every lesson i wld be struggling to keep awake. which is why i really should go and sleep now.

was navigating creative website just now. checking out the mp3 players. hmm my wishlist gonna get longer and longer and the things in the list are getting expensive-er and expensive-er wow.

money seems to be everything.

but no. money can never be more important than friendships and family ties.

yeps today took bus home. met wj at the bus stop and he said 'huh u taking bus arh. i scared later bus break down' i was blur then went 'huh?'

'cos u too fat already' hahas ohkae. so that was meant to be a niaoing. ohwells

alighted at aljunied mrt station and went to top up my ez link card. met him inside the station too =.- but no more niaoing fortunatley.

walked home yeps. i am gonna update my wishlist and poof i am offline and going to bed. byeee

btw forgot to check who got eliminated for the jue dui superstar. jm told mii kelly, lijun, leon and derrick got eliminated.


derrick is so cute and he got eliminated?!

kelly is like so chio and her voice rawks and she got eliminated?!

i was expecting lijun and xinhui and leon and jason to get eliminated. argh

but at least junyang is still in. yayyy. junyang rawks!! support him kaes (:


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