Monday, July 4

whoa movie~

went out with peiyu and yunyin today. was supposed to meet peiyu at somerset mrt at 12pm as we wld be catching the 1230 alot like love at cineleisure. but i couldnt decide wad to wear and hence i was late by many minutes. eh cant rmb wad time i reached hahas. but should be 1215. sorrie peiyu!!

then we chatted and headed towards cineleisure. it was already 1228 before we reached there. gone. yes. my fault. sorrie. sigh. so we decided to buy the 230pm show after that we went to heeren for lunch. walked around and karped free postcards. bwahahas.

then had lunch at sakae. couldnt decide wad to eat. undecisive tsk tsk tsk. then finally. py ordered teriyaki ramen or sth. then i ordered rice with erh fried chicken. yeps chatted as we makan. then when we wanted to settle the bill, we waited for such a longgggg time before the waitress came lorhs. argh. when we went into sakae for lunch rite, it was still considered quite early then there wasnt many ppl. so that waiter brought us to this veh erh secluded? corner. correct word usage? erh. hahas. yes. then we had to walk a long way out. erhem. meanie.

hm then we shopped around lorhs. saw nice roxy tout bag and i am adding that to my wishlyst. hehes. after that we decided to go back to cineleisure. bought amos cookies and brownie. yeps. then shopped around oso. then proceeded to the cinema. and guess who we saw. yunyin, baojia and the others. yy was like so ecstatic to see mii cos she told mii to go out with her and her bsp camp friends last night. hahas. super coincidental. hahas. good friends got fate mahhh (:

and it happened that we were watching the same movie at the same timing as well. wheeee. then they waited for their friends while mii and py headed for the cinema entrance. saw postcards at the top of the escalator and karped somemore. then went into the cinema. hmmm there was this preview on this veh sad love story. i forgot the name of the movie. its super long and its abt this girl who had leukemia. then she and the guy actually communicated using erh casette tape. and there was this casette tape which was never sent 10 years ago or sth. i am DEFINITELY watching this movie. and i think i need to take a box of tissue paper with mii cos i will cry. the short preview already so touching. hm so ya. movie anyone?

i havent watch initial d and fantastic 4 and erh war of the worlds and mr and mrs smith too. oops i digress. okae back to the movie.

the movie had lotsa kissing and stuff. hahas lovey dovey. oliver is cuteee cannn. amanda's wild? hahas. the movie is abt too kai fang for asians but the story plot is nice. esp those parts when oliver kissed amanda or acted as her boyfriend to spite her ex boyfriend. yeps its sweet.

vivian told mii that the story didnt have a happy ending and that oliver and amanda didnt end up together. but they were together in the end. yeps anyway. hahas dun wait till its too late. if the wedding was oliver's wedding then everything wld be too late and they wld definitely regret for a lifetime (:

yeps. after the movie mii and py went to pretty in tokyo to take neoprints. i tell u kaes i look super duper bimbotic in the neoprints!!! for one thing i was wearing pink bermudas AND i act cute in the neoprints. BWAHAHAHAS.

erhem hahas anyway the neoprints were niceee laa excluding the fact that i decorated de laa. cos one of the pen spoiled then only one working yeps. heeee. after that we took neoprints with yy. this time not so bimbotic le but there is still this tinge of bimbotism lol we chose to have 2 neoprints taken close up and the effect was HORRIBLE for mii.

hahas no further comments. but the neoprints were nice. the poses and everything. hmmm after that chiong to somerset mrt cos i was going to be late for chem tuition.

then there was lotsa niaoing on the way and on the mrt. erhem >.<

alighted at aljunied and speed walked all the way home. then got ready for chem tuition. yeps tuition was funn. i sat beside melissa. mr lee is nice too. then took bus 80 home yupps.

btw went to geylang npc on saturday. to do some cpa thingy after the briefing on hosting china students. took bus 80 with jinghui, baojia, my mom and ms' mom and px and yh. chatted with yh on the bus. hehes. then alighted at the aljunied stn bus stop and took bus 80. walked to the npc. then we went to the learning centre room or sth. then started packing the application form. xianglong and shawn (correct spelling?) came too. yeps then jinghui played his mp3 player. there was the 'tuo diao' song to the tune of jingle bells. hahas super cute and funny kaes. then everyone started singing along and laughing like crazy. ohkae that only applies to mii. then there were oldies and even chicken dance lorhs. bwahas

then yunshan came then guo an and rebekah (correct spelling?) from npcc came too. everyone worked hard and tried to finish packing all the application forms. it was hard work. yeps then xl, shawn and rebekah went down to buy lunch then bought chicken pie for mii and jinghui. thnks (:
then continued jiayou-ing and packing. super tedious. then after finish packing realised not enough packets. ahhh. started opening all the packed ones and tried to tally and divide. after a while i had to go cos my dad at the petrol stn to fetch mii. left the npc and told them to jiayou. its a fun day.

later in the night went to suntec convention hall to see the moe excel thingy. on the way there many roads were closed for ndp rehearsal and my dad had to make lotsa detours and u-turns. yeps then finally reached suntec but it was already 745pm and the exhibitions were closing at 8 pm wow =.-

rushed to the convention hall and went to dhs boot. saw kianggei standing there holding the dhp open house poster. the rest all dismantling the exibits and posters blah blah. too late to support liaos. hahas. then went to carrefour. hm kaes. thats abt it.

i have alot more things to add to my wishlist but but but no money. i am broke. might be catching intial d tmr or on thurs. see first bahs. i wish i wish i wish. i wish i have more money!!!


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