Saturday, July 9


whoa i want to watch movies. movies anyone? hmmm the 3 top rank movies i wan to watch now:
1) crying out in the center of the world
2) initial d
3) be with you

for the first and the third, they are drama and romance. while the second is JAYCHOU (:

alright. so yeps. i want to watch movies.

i came across this loose sheet of a page from a magazine when i was tidying my room jus now. i think i got it last year from the recycled paper or sth like that. anyway its abt how actions of the guys and girls can tell if he likes her or she likes him. this is always forwarded in emails last time. but i guess i will jus upload it here.

For the guy:
1. she calls to ask you about homework... very often.

2. she loves teasing you

3. she says 'no i am not telling you who i like!' when you ask her but with a big smile on her face.

4. she seems very interested when she asks if you like anyone but criticises your taste in girls when you do confess

5. she makes eye contact and smiles at you whenever she has the chance to.

6. she flips her hair when she's talking to you

7. she touches your arm when she talks to you

8. when you go to the movies with a bunch of friends, she is almost always sitting next to you.

9. she knows the names of all your family members including your dog.

10. she seems to know everything about you, like your birthday, your fav. colour, why you chose your screen name, your fav. band and your fav. sport.

11. her friends both in and out of school know about you and say she talks about you alot.

12. she tries to talk and spend as much time with you as possible

13. she looks for you during break times.

hmm true or false? verify it yourself (:


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