Friday, July 8

i love friiidays (:

today is a fun day (: i love fridays. wheee

mr sng announced abt the full dhp prog for dhs during flag raising. yeps. didnt hear part of the announcement though hahas. only found out later in the afternoon.

first period was pe. ran all the way down to the canteen and changed into pe attire after duty. my morning duty is on the third floor. hahas.

then we played captains ball. whoa. no idea why i super enthu lorh. lol then there were lotsa screams during the game. hahas FUN (:

went straight to AVT for LA. then mdm nora told us to cool down outside the AVT as the air con has broken down. same condition as the one in my bedroom. booo. so we decided to cool down as we walked back to class and get our stuff. watched an extract from the Matrix. that super duper disgusting part. i was covering my eyes with my hands for almost 80 percent of the extract kaes. did note taking and kept fanning myself. then the school attendants came in with lotsa fans. wheee. after a while when LA lesson ending then the air con recovered. wow.

after LA went back to class for CSP. als said she came to cls jus now to tell us to go bsp room but no one in cls so she decided to conduct the lesson in cls for today and for the rest of the lessons this term, they will be conducted at the bsp room. wheee. cool har. pe in the morning then go straight to AVT for LA then to BSP room for CSP. wonderful...

after CSP is of cos recess. went to buy a pair of pe shorts from the bookshop. i lost mine last term when i changed into my costume for CPA skit. booo. who stole it. bwahahas.

then went to canteen and ate beehoon. yy, jh and mii all ordered the same stuff bwahahas. haojiemeis jiu shi zhe yang de ma (:

after that went back to cls. oh wait before going to the canteen we makan we went to check the names of the nanjing students we are hosting next week.

went back to cls after recess then was geography. copied down some notes and ms pear went thru worksheet 3. then we had group work and she gave out butcher sheets to each group. jm, kenny, yl and jh in my group.

then its abt assets and liability of myself and a chlid living in a developing country. i volunteered to copy the table onto the butcher sheet and some ppl were complaining that i write veh slow and no need be so neat laa. hahas they were actually looking at mii draw lines.

then discussion starts. jm and kenny gave really erh lame answers hahas. totally lame answers but maybe still have some sorta sense in it. but less than 0.1 percent definitely lol. hey thats mean. =X

got niaoed during the grp work laa. boo. jh and yl kept laughing. before discussion starts i oso kept laughing. lol only fm's grp got to present. our turn's next week.

after geog went for sc exco voting thingy at avt. we were late i think. then hengjie called out the sec3 names and we hafta stand up and say a sentence. wynne was first and i was next. so i went 'hello. i am from art club' hahas i noe its like 'diao...' but i didnt noe wad to say and i was the second to stand up. so ohwells.

after that went back to cls. then did bio. then to art room to put our bags and proceeded to 1k clsrm for our lesson on sculpture making. i took the video cam along with mii phew.

after the so called lecture we went back to the art room and did some sketches then went for break. ate chicken burger with jh and dawn. after that went back and played with clay. we were supposed to mould the shape of our sculpture. mii and jh kept fiddling with the clay cos we had no inspirations la. then finally i moulded something which can be considered extract bahs. oops now i think its not so extract. whatever. theres always a next lesson. bwahahas.

after that we were dismissed. went to the canteen and ate somemore honeydew. then jh's dad came so she went off. i sat at the foyer. btw while we were at the canteen i saw this lady who used to be a vice principal in gmps. i forgot her name thats why i didnt greet her. then she sat beside mii at the foyer while i was waiting for my dad. i had the urge to talk to her. but but i jus cant rmb her name. i talked to her in pri sch but i forgot for wad reason. i took out my frankenstein and started reading. then i think her husband came so she went off too.

my dad finally came and yeps.

jus finished tidying my room to host the nanjing student. its definitely much much alot more neater now. jus that i realised i have lotsa stuff. lotsa notepads and letter pads, lotsa books and lotsa rough paper. and alot more stuff. ohya. lotsa postcards and stickers. my room is practically like a stationery shop lo ;)

hmm the nanjing student's coming on sunday. theres jogathan tmr. after that jingle, mii and maybe some other ppl going cycling wheee (: ohya while tidying the room jus now i found some brochures on jurong bird park, botanic garden and the zoo. potential tourist attraction to bring my nanjing friend too.

btw i am desperate for a mp3 player. yl and jh were laughing over this so called mp3 player joke jus now during geog. argh >.< i cant decide between zen micro or zen neeno. sigh. and i want to watch movies. hopefully i can catch one on sunday. hmmm i am off to check the gv website. cya.


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