Saturday, July 9

for the girls.

now for the girl.

for the girl:

1. his friends tease you about you and him being a couple.

2. forget your books? you can use his.

3. he invites you to group outings.

4. he is especially polite and sweet to your folks.

5. his voice gets softer whenever the two of you talk.

6. you hung up on him... and he calls you back.

7. he calls you to talk about nothing at all.

8. he imitates your laugh- which makes you laugh even harder

9. he remembers little things you mention in a casual conversation.

10. he loves staring straight into your eyes.

11. he tries to sit next to you and talks to you alot in class.

12. he touches, complements and uses your stuff.

13. he buys you stuff (dont feel bad... theres a price to pay for everything in life !)

hmmm so girls. wad do you think? (: erm i personally have not much comments. and all these conclusions are made in general bahs. yeps. gtg slp le. cya ppl. wish mii luck for jogathan. hahas i will need them. so yups take care cos i care =)


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