Sunday, October 15

First time kbox-ing

Shu min's tag reminded me that I forgot to blog about kbox. Yea went kbox jus now with yq, wj, clar and twin. First time there. Not bad. Got feedback from shumin and clar that my voice sounds really kiddo-like. which is not exactly good news. haha I guess I can only sing 'Lao shu ai da mi'.

Anyway we had fun but I made a fool of myself. waha. nvm la. I am not born to be a singer. Yep fun. But today, no idea why I wasnt feeling very high. There is something that's making me troubled from inside but the problem is I dont know what it is. dammit right.

i better go off and do my chinese essay. I am starting to hate staying up late though I always do so unknowingly. Last night I was so tired that i fell asleep while listening to Fish Leong's new album on my bed. Then my grandma had to remove my specs, cd player and cd casing from my bed for me. But unfortunately she left my handphone behind. So i actually slept beside a strong source of radiation for the whole night. dammit. may buddha bless me.

that's all for now.

Quoted from Miss Tan, ' Be thankful that we have the hands to give and hug, the eyes to see the goodness in everyone...'


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