Tuesday, October 17

Hazy Mood

Tired. Woke up with two sore eyes today. Had some weird dreams last night too. Been feeling kinda anti-social lately, no idea why. There is this thing that is stopping me from being enthusiastic and cheerful. dammit.

There's yoga later. I am excited... yep yep. But I feel like sleeping right now. I have just backed up the files inside my laptop last night, so now I can finally send the laptop for repair service. It's been infected with viruses for way too long.

All the haze's making me feel hazy. There's UN Mock Conference presentation on Friday. My group was lucky enough to be chosen and would be representing North Korea. I cannot say that I am exactly excited and enthu about it. But I definitely hope that it can be over asap. Not to mention the teeny weeny bit of fear inside of me. Like how I felt while waiting for my POH presentation at YMCA. I always get all tensed during Q&A too.

There's this subject combi talk tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. Cos right now I am pretty lost about my direction in the future, what subjects I should take and how it is gonna affect my grades and career. The subjects that I am taking for A'levels will not make affect me if I chose to take 'Social Work/ Sociology' in university... Yea I don't know. What a bother. Oh ya I might degrade 'Physics' from H2 to H1 cos I am afraid I can't cope.

Oh well the future is so far away. Let's talk about HCL O's first shall we? Ah ha. My Chinese is getting really lousy and it's not exactly improving much even with my mother's nagging. I think I am really disappointing my HCL teachers and that includes my P6 teacher, Mdm Nah. She retired already and I miss her loads. She was such a inspiring and caring teacher. I like Chinese... so at least with this interest, I hope that I can use it as a source of motivation to do well for my HCL O's.

Don't really feel like studying these days. I mean exams are over so why not just play? before all the JC workload comes? I want to watch all the upcoming movies.. I want to go kbox and sing my heart out. I want to pool and rollerblade. I want to do anything that can stop me from thinking too much. I think too much whenever I am alone so it is best when I am with my friends or when I am doing yoga (: I am not exactly using my brains to think about appropriate stuff these days. I think about emo stuff, which explain my emo posts.

And even when I am sleeping I dream about weird stuff and scare myself or cry in my dreams. =,- how funny. I am too stressed I guess. And eating chocolate's not of much help except that it makes me fat.

I shall go watch some MVs on and maybe catch a nap before heading for my yoga class.

-emo quote deleted-


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