Wednesday, October 18

MSN Horoscopes

Clarissa told me before that the daily horoscope reading at is really accurate. I have been checking the daily horoscope at which are not exactly accurate. And just recently I went to check out and omg. It's creepily accurate. At least for today.

Sun Sign
Something may happen during the day, dear Gemini, which unconsciously reminds you of something unpleasant that happened to you in the past. You might not even remember today's event, but memories of the long-ago occurrence could plague you throughout the day and put you into a very black mood. Try to analyze why this memory is affecting you so heavily, then when you know, let it go. You might feel as if a ten-ton weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Some thing did happen during the day. Jue Hui showed me this Chinese essay titled 'Ta yu ta de ju li' (The distance between him and her). And oh my it did bring back lotsa painful memories. It was not an appealing essay to her. But it was to me. I suppose it's the experience that makes the difference. Dammit. I am feeling 'weird' now. I really should consider going for yoga every day! Waha. Then my thinking wont go astray.

And you know what, these days, whenever I take a nap or something, it would be really hard to wake me up. It's either I am too tired or because something in my dreams is making me not wanting to wake up. I really thought I would have died in my sleep leh. TOUCH WOOD.

Hmm learning yoga will help me learn how to let go. These days, thanks to shumin. I kept thinking about how 4J's gonna split up into different subject combinations and just thinking about it makes me feel as if a knife has been stabbed into my heart. I wont feel this way if i dont think about it. 4J... If I am given another 100000000000.... choices, I will still choose to be in 4J. My one and only beloved 4J. It's in 4J that I bonded with my twin. It's in 4J that I found my haojiemeis. It's in 4J that I met my Madam Cecilia. It's in 4J that I made many friends. I have so much to say but I don't know how to express them here.

I will definitely dedicate a post to 4J asap. I need to sort out my thoughts, my confused mind and heart. I will learn to let go. Most importantly I will be strong and not cry. Departing from each other's just part and parcel of life. I have to accept it I know. But I can't help hating it can. And I think it's kinda dumb if I cry cos 4J's gonna split. Obviously ma. We will still be seeing each other around... But when any of my peers is going to further his/her studies overseas I will definitely cry. I am emotional. What to do?

The man I love is as distant and elusive as the stars in the sky.


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