Sunday, October 1

So much to blog about!

Today is 1 October. It's Singapore's Children's Day. It's China's National Day. It's Pei Yu's birthday and it's a brand new day which marks the start of a brand new month. Today is also the day when I will start working towards some of my newly-set goals.

Before I start blogging about whatever I want to blog about, I would like to say,

Happy Birthday Pei Yu!!!

I am still halfway done making her present. I started on thursday and I am afraid I can't finish making it in time Oh no. I will try my best though (:

Alright some of my newly-set goals... One of which is to start reading newspapers daily from today onwards. At least try to. I have lost touch with both local and world news during my two-week immersion in Nanjing. And I've been really lazy since I got back to flip the newspapers and dirty my hands with the ink. One thing that has been hindering me from reading the newspapers diligently is the ink. I just can't stand seeing my hands stained with the ink. But now I realised that the contents in the newspapers are worth the dirtying of my palms. Cheers my thinking has matured (:

Another goal is that i will start to attain healthy eating habits from today onwards. And to refrain myself from consuming too much calories. These can be sum up with a four-letter word starting with 'D' but I decided not to use that word. I have been using that word since dunno-how-many-year-ago and I havent manage to shed any kilos. So no point using it. It might just jinx my plan.

I havent really thought about the other goals but wait till I have then I will blog about them. Today's Sunday Times is really interesting and informative. Go read it if you havent.

Today is the first time I read majority of the news articles in the papers. Wheeeee~ There are two news articles about service learning. Hm.

I am currently at It is a website created for a cancer patient, Mohammad Abdooh and it features his last days as his cancer is in the final stage. A video will be posted every two weeks and the sad thing is no one knows how many episodes there will be.

Life's filled with uncertainties and this is a real life example. That is why we must love and appreciate life, love and appreciate the beauty of life. The video introduction is really thought-provoking.

Ah alright i shall continue blogging later. Gonna browse the website. cya.


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