Monday, September 25

Back in Singapore

whee reached Singapore last night. I was feeling terrible during the flight. Watched 'Over the Hedge'... very nice and cute. After my family fetched me from the airport, we went to the East Coast Lagoon Food Village to have dinner. Whee Singapore food.

So glad to be back in my homeland. Except that I have a terrible sore throat and that I dont get emperor treatment anymore. boohoo. haha now I have a godmom, goddad and godsis in Nanjing. How blessed I am.

One more good thing is that I can get a new phone!!! yay.

And and and we only need to return to school on thurs! But we will be getting back our exam papers. Nah not to worry. anyway I had a nightmare about my Chinese exam paper last night. I think i dreamt that i failed. ah =( touch wood.

I bought more than 10 Chinese romance novels from China! Ha. Gonna indulge myself in those fairytale romance these days. Love in real life's soooo complicated that I'd rather stay single. Love in those romance are so pure and sweet. ha.

alright I shall blog again later.


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