Wednesday, September 27

Sore throat, headache, flu

I woke up this morning with a really bad headache. And then I realised that I have a badly-blocked nose , fortunately I was still breathing. Ha that's one thing I am truly thankful for. I walked out of my bedroom, complaining about my illnesses and only to realise that there's no breakfast prepared for me.


I am so used to life in Nanjing when a sumptuous spread of food would be prepared as my breakfast and back in Singapore? Everything changes. It's gonna take me quite some time to get used of it and revert back to my not-pampered lifestyle.

Thankfully, my dad returned home a while later with a packet of noodles. MY BREAKFAST. whee. But I was feeling super down la... all the flu and headaches are really making me miserable.

Until Shu Min gave me the link to a video on featuring a MV of 'What Dreams Are Made Of' - ballad version. Aw. Now I am feeling better but my head's still spinning.

Crap. These three days since I reached Singapore from Nanjing, I have a weird appetite. When I see food, I feel like vomitting. I dont even feel like eating. The only time when I can eat is at home when there's home cooked food. When I see the food at the foodcourts or restaurants, my appetite's gone and I dont feel like eating anything.

This is bad. I will be meeting up my pri sch friends and teacher for lunch this friday. How am I going to eat and chat happily with this weird appetite of mine? When I see food and I dont feel like eating, guess what. I will start playing with it. Not that I want. Is just that I will try to pick it up and eat it but the coordination between my hand and brain's just not working.

I so hate eating now. And I am eating just to survive. Cos I want to live longer. There's still many places I havent been to, many types of coffee I havent tried, many sceneries I havent view, many mandopop tunes I havent listen to and of cos many people to whom I havent said 'I love you' to.

Life may be short but I want to live for as long as I can. Just so that I wont die with regrets (:

eh good news people. I am not snacking anymore. Cheers.


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