Friday, September 29

The Banquet

Caught The Banquet with Huang Lin, Pei Xin, Qian Bing, Fang Ming, Joanne and Li Wen just now at Lido. Didn't arrange to go out with them initially but met them at the bus stop and so decided to go with them since my date with my pri sch teacher and friends has been cancelled.

HL, PX and I went to Far East to have Oyster Mee Sua. I didn't order that but ordered some sausage egg cheese crepe thingy which is super nice but oily. And it's fried. Yea my sore throat's never gonna to heal. too bad ><

The Lido ppl made things difficult for us by not allowing us to get tickets at first lor. But eventually we got it.

The Banquet's quite nice. Another version of Hamlet. It's NC16 so it's bloody as expected. I like the twist in the ending, excluding all the blood. The beginning part... was kinda slow-paced and I almost fell asleep. Not a bad movie. A pretty good one to end my week though. shall rate it a 6.5/10.

After the movie we walked to Orchard MRT and since today's Huang Lin's birthday we decided to get her something. PX waited with HL at the station while the rest of us went off in search of ... a cake.

Bought a strawberry one at Breadtalk since FM said that HL don't like chocolate cakes. Then we went wondering how to get a lighter to light the candle. FM borrowed one from this restaurant. haha super funny. and she held the lighter the wrong way. Scare us all la. Then we lighted the candle and started to walk towards the mrt station holding the cake with the lighted candle. hey we looked super comical. Then we passed HL her cake and sang her a super loud birthday song right there at the junction between the orchard station and ngee ann city.


The next movie I so want to catch is ... Jackie Chan's Rob-B-Hood. Got charismatic Louis Koo leh, my all time favourite shuai ge~ Anyone on for watching that? I didnt get to watch Singapore Dreaming but it's ok... And HL also watched 'John Tucker Must Die' yesterday. What a coincidence.

Yea we got our exam scripts back today. I am quite satisfied with my results. I managed to pass all... which is a good thing. After coming back home from the movie, I became kinda moody. Cant blame me. Sometimes I wonder if I am giving away too much, too much for myself to cope. The toll on my emotions. What if one day I cant take it any longer and I just collapse. Nah I hope not.

Ok back to some not-so-emo stuff. I just realised that Cecilia aka my Mdm oso analyses horoscopes and she knows way more than I do. She really studies in depth but I just know a bit of stuff about every horoscope which is kinda like a loser. She 'reminded' just now that Geminis top the fickle list, Aquarius next and Libra last. These three signs are all air signs. All flexible and free but fickle. Wahaha. HL and I admit that we are fickle. But well I supposed there will be a time when the fickleness will be gone la. Anyway Geminis are not supposed to have early marriages. Late marriages suit them better as they are more mature then. Otherwise their marriages usually end up in divorces. This is according to some horoscope books I read. It's just in general. Yea no offence kaes.

My 'Do Re Mi Fa So' romance novel's halfway read. It's really interesting and the male protagonist in the book is oh-so-damn sweet. I shall go continue reading and maybe do some cross-stitching. Later~

My heart lives for your heart but you do not see me.


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